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Samsung WF331ANR/XAA Washer

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Samsung Red Washer Review


I'd have to say this is one of the best washing machines I have come across. I've always been unique in wanting a different colored washer than anyone else, so the fact that its red definitely made me want it. The color isn't the only upside however. I love how when you start up a load of laundry, has this short, but sweet melody it plays. Whenever the load has finished, it has this song it plays to you, so its comforting hearing your washer sing to you, or at least to me it is. I've had this washing machine for almost 2 years and no major problems have come up. The only thing going on with it right now is whenever you start some loads of laundry, you'll hear a squeaky noise whenever the water comes in, although I'm assuming its more the house I live in and not the washer. All laundry modes have been used except the steam mode, and I haven't had any problems with clothing getting stains on them whatsoever. A thing to remember is to make sure you only use HE detergent on it. Overall this is an amazing washer and I'd recommend it to anyone.



Samsung WF331ANR/XAA Washer

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