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Samsung WF328AA Front Load Washer

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awesome machine, its like it has a brain & knows what you want


best washer I ever used, its perfect for large or small families, we also have the matching dryer Energy Efficiency this washer has not made our electric bill go up at all, we have the dryer as well Cleaning Time you push the time you want and your set, I LIKE THE PUSH BUTTON FEATURE, its really a great feature and great machine Performance works quietly in the background and a sound goes off to let you know your clothes are done. You will hardly know its on at all Ease of Use Took a little getting used to, Im in the 0ver 50 crowd and it was a little intimidating at first. its push button and I am not tech savvy, but once I got used to it, its really nice to be able wash your clothes so easily.I would have loved using this growing up....at one time my sister and I had to actually wash clothes in the bathtub.We were not too well off and did not have a washer for awhile. but we has a washboard and we would also stomp the clothes with our feet. we had the cleanest feet in the neighborhood Design love the design Durability we have had it for 3 yrs so far, no problems




Samsung WF328AA Front Load Washer

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