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Samsung Tracfone Cell Phone

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Super Savings!


Well there is no doubt at all that Tracfone overall is a big money saver. High quality flip phone is the way to go. It is offered at a very affordable price and I have zero complaints. The coverage is coast to coast (still haven't come across a dropped call) which works out great when I travel often to visit my family in a different state. Tracfone saved me economically as well because I was laid off for a few months and not having to worry about an overcharged cell bill at the end of the month seriously helped. Tracfone is the besttt!

Tallahassee, FL


A decent and low cost service and phone


Tracfone is a very wonderful and low cost cell phone service. I have been using tracfone for about 2 years now. I have the motorola W370. It is an okay phone. It is my original phone, my first one that I got. Some good things about it are: It is stylish, it looks like the motokrazr i think. it is easy to use, has a good screen and reception. Whenever my mom's phone is out of range, mine always works. It even works in the basement of my school when most of my friend's phones didn't have any service. It is also very low cost. When you use texting, it is only .3 units to receive or send a message. It is good for texting, it has T9 word and is also durable, I have dropped it numerous times and it still works. Some bad things are: it needs a camera. It scratches and dings easily. Another bad thing is you can't just download any old ringtone to it. You have to use the ringtones from Tracfone's site.   It's a good study phone.  

White Lake, MI


Finally! This Samsung T155 keeps her happy!


About four months ago, I bought this phone for my mother, and switched her to Tracfone's SVC-their senior plan. This move, surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with financial motives! She could probably afford an iphone and an expensive plan to go with it, without breaking too much of a sweat. Well, to cut a long story slightly shorter, my mother(just 67 yrs old) drives me crazy when it comes to cell phones. She will buy one, use it for a couple of weeks (sometimes even just 1 week) and then have a handful of issues about the phone; it's text is too small, it's charging her incorrectly, she has to buy too many minutes, the buttons aren't in the same place and don't make sense...any number of excuses to go out and change it. And each time it becomes my problem too! When I say she has a drawer with about 6 phones in it, I'm not exaggerating! So when I heard about this phone and plan, and it's utter simplicity and user-friendly interface, I decided that this time, I choose. I can't tell you too much about any of the features, but what I can say, is for the first time in years, she hasn't asked to change phones or service providers. And she's stuck with it for almost 4 months now...a new record! :) Her being happy with the package means more to me than any single feature. The only things I know about the phone is the large on screen text, and the menu seems to be easy to follow. I also know it's a pleasure not having to deal with any bills, and with the small amount she uses her phone, she can pick small minute bundles. There are no more complaints about dropped calls, and best of all, I'm starting to remember her phone number! Tracfone has my vote for making my mother, and thereby me, content.

New York, NY


The sammy t155


So I finally conceded to our children that it might be a very good thing to get a cell phone. Seeing that they were the ones trying to do the convincing, I thought it right that they get the phone for us as well. Seeing that I don't really harbor any interest in the things anyway. So they got us this phone that is apparently designed for the elderly. I suspect this is because of the big buttons, the voice enhancement, and the easy menu. Pretty simple and basic. We've used the phone for a couple of months now, and it seems to be doing it's job just fine. The biggest issue I have with it is recharging the batteries. Not because the battery life is short, it's actually very long as far as I'm concerned. But because I tend to forget about it. That's just me though. And saying that the phone needs to stay in the glove compartment for emergencies, doesn't work for me in this instant. Because yes, I forget about it, and when the emergency may arise, the phone is as dead as a door nail. My initial worry was not so much about the phone, but more about the tracfone aspect of it. I have a friend who says he's had endless amount of troubles from the company. Everything from buying airtime, to getting a phone that was by default not working. Personally the whole recharging thing intimidated me a bit. But now, a couple of months later, after not having had any problems, or hiccups, I can say that I'm very relieved. In fact, it's been very good.

Washington, DC


Samsung Tracfone Cell Phone

4.3 4