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Top Load Washers
Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

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I love this washer


First of all - where have agitator free washers been all my life?! So nice for bedding and large loads. No more figuring out how to get duvets to fit etc. i love that it knows how long it will take. It's so easy, even my hubby can do it! Haha. The only drawback is it's so large I can't reach to the bottom except on tippy toes. Great machine

San Antonio


I would recommend!!


I love this washer. It's efficient, quiet and has various settings. I would've given it 5 stars, but the spin cycle always stops when washing bedding.



It is an okay washer, but would not consider the brand again


It was an okay washer, but kept getting stuck on the spin cycle. Had to keep restarting it so it would finish the load of laundry. The clothes would come out soaking wet at times.


I would but this product again.


I love that I can put my king size comforter in it. It's very quiet.



Never again


Never again. This was the worse money I have ever spent. It also had a recall that I never received the part ( We were supposed to put on ourselves). This washer would go off balance and refill and spin and refill again. I had a scrap metal company come pick it up.

Sopchoppy, fl


Pretty good washer


I use this washer four times a week if not more. I think it is a pretty good washer. After the recall and the fix, it has been working just like the first day I bought it. The machine is actually quiet and I know it has finished washing when I hear the music that plays. I don't know how to turn that off and I don't plan on turning it off. I like that it measures the weight and it takes the time to wash accordingly. The capacity of this machine is surprisingly big. It washes well, but there are certain stains that I have to try before washing, otherwise, the clothes just come out with the same stain. Overall it is working just great. The price was just right.

San Diego


For the most part its great!


For the most part, I absolutely love my washing machine. However, sometimes it will have glitches. It will randomly stop and have an error code. It also had a recall, so if you are washing bedding you better make sure to put it on the right cycle. Its not a problem for us, but I do worry when I am in a hurry or when someone else washed clothes. Other than those two issues this is a great washing machine.

Manchester, TN


Cleans well but broke too soon


Does an excellent job for our family of 5 however after 28 days the pump went out. It took almost 3 weeks for repair. Would hope for better from a basically brand new appliance

Wisconsin Rapids


Best family washing machine


I have a very large family and the laundry piles up sky high. With the large load size however it makes it very manageable and our clothes always come out clean as can be.



Washes great AND it looks great!


When we moved into our new home, I already knew which washer I wanted. I had seen this washer before and I absolutely fell in love with the design. It was stylish and could handle a lot of clothes. We bought it and when we got it home I knew I made the right decision. The capacity is amazing and helps me finish the laundry quickly. I simply separate by wash needs and start. I select the appropriate setting and add the detergent, press start and it does all the hard work. I love the pre-soak option for those set in stains, or even my towels. There's a cute chime that lets you know when it's done and it won't scare you with a loud horn. I love how versatile it is and how much you can customize each cycle. Energy Efficiency Based on the weight of the load, the washer decides the amount of water to use, as well as giving the option for water temperature and spin speed. Cleaning Time It takes about 45 min to an hour per load, but since you're putting in more clothes per load, it definitely makes it worth it. Performance Clothes come out clean, and using the settings helps clean any special garments or fabrics. Ease of Use It's pretty easy to use, just use the dial to select the wash type, and you can adjust the temperature, spin and soil level if needed. Design The design is beautiful! The drum is a bit deep for me (5'4"), but it's worth it to be able to wash more per cycle Durability I've only had it for 1 year, but so far no problems. Bottom Line : I would 100% recommend this to friends and family.

Austin, TX


Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

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