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Samsung SyncMaster inch LCD Monitor

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Samsung LCD Monitor


This Samsung LCD 24" monitor is just great for my husband. He had a 19" but decided he wanted to invest in a bigger computer monitor. This one actually helps with his eyes. He doesnt complain of to many headaches. He loves playing computer video games on it. The picture is just so cystal clear. Its an above average computer monitor. Great for watching movies, playing video games, and just surfing the web. Its hard to believe that this computer monitor is bigger then some peoples actual television sets, but it is. My husband has told me that he is very glad he was able to get it, even though I told him i wasnt so sure that he should. Overall, we are both glad he got it and would recommend it to someone asking about it.

Deltona, FL


Good monitor, but could be cheaper


I was looking for a replacement monitor since my old one was dying and I've always found that Samsung makes good monitors and TVs. I was also looking for a bigger monitor since my old one was kind of small and would like to game and watch movies on the new monitor. So I picked this Samsung monitor since it was 23' inch widescreen and has a 1080P resolution with fast response time. When I was watching some blu ray movies on it, it lived up to my expectations. The image was sharp and the colors were nice. The negative thing about this monitor is its price. I think you can get a monitor for cheaper for what it does, but you would have to go out hunting for one. Another negative thing is the location of the buttons that are used to adjust the settings on the monitor. I feel they could have placed the buttons at a better spot. I still don't regret buying this monitor since it comes from a reliable manufacturer and it does what it advertises.

Fresno, CA


Samsung SyncMaster inch LCD Monitor

4.0 2