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Samsung SyncMaster Monitor

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Samsung SyncMaster 205BW Monitor provides a great image!


I bought the Samsung Syncmaster 205BW a few years ago on a Black Friday special. I lucked out because I had done no research when I grabbed it off the shelf at the store...I was planning on buying a different brand at another store but I saw this at the first store we went to and it was competitive with the other brands sale price so I decided on this one...I knew Samsung was a good name in electronics and I have heard bad things about the other brand since I bought The Samsung monitor so like I said, I lucked out when I bought this monitor. First off, it's HUGE compared to the old monitor I had. The set-up was easy. Two cords; one for the electrical outlet and one to plug into the back of my goes to sleep automatically when I shut down my computer at night but I often will turn the switch off too to save on electricity. There are several other buttons to adjust brightness and color but I haven't changed the settings at all in the few years I've owned it..I'm on my second PC but wouldn't change the monitor for anything..When I hooked up my new computer last month, I didn't need to change anything on the settings..Awesome product!

Old Town, ME


An impressive and high res monitor


I have had my monitor for about 12 months, and I couldn't be happier with it.  The screen is beautiful when set at 1680x1050.  The monitor is big, but certainly doesn't dwarf my desk.  There are no dead pixels, and the monitor is as bright as the day I got it.  It is easy to have two windows open at the same time on this widescreen display. 

Holly Springs, NC


good monitor


Great monitor for the price, **Samsung SyncMaster 205BW Monitor** delivers good quality. The **Samsung SyncMaster 205BW Monitor will be bought again for my other comp. The ****Samsung SyncMaster 205BW Monitor has a good picture for the price                                                                                                                                                                    **

Tucson, AZ


Samsung SyncMaster Monitor

4.7 3