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Samsung SyncMaster LCD Monitor

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Excellent quality Samsung SyncMaster 204B LCD Monitor


20" Samsung SyncMaster 204B LCD Monitor, up to 1600 x 1200 resolution monitor with DVI and VGA inputs. I use this monitor in a dual monitor setup through the DVI input on a workstation Nvidia cart with a dual DVI setup. This monitor is much better than the 21.5" Acer LCD (1920x1080) monitor I run at home. The colors are very vibrant, gives very true blacks. I can't say much to it's performance in low light since the lights always seem to be on in the office, but i haven't had any complaints. The monitor itself can rotate up to 90 degrees, which can help for coding, or reading literature. The cons are that there is no HDMI input, which can't be expected for the age of this monitor. This is also an energy star complaint monitor. All in all, if you can get your hands on this monitor, do it. So far in 12 months of 40 hour a week use, no dead pixels, which is a testament to the quality of the product. I haven't needed to use any warranty.

San Diego, CA


The SyncMaster 204B has a gorgeous display - until it breaks.


My father purchases this monitor for me at the same time he purchased my computer - and I have since decided that he should never be allowed to shop without supervision.  For the year that it lasted, I loved my Samsung SyncMaster 204B.  The display was just gorgeous, the colors were spot on, and I became utterly dismissive of anything with a lower resolution.  It was a gorgeous monitor.  But then the flickering started.  Out of nowhere, every time I booted up my PC, the monitor would flicker black.  At first it was just a quick flicker, but as time went on it would last longer and longer.  Soon enough I was turning my monitor on and off for about five minutes trying to get it to work.  Finally, it just stopped working all together.  Nothing I did would help.  After minimal research, I found out that this particular model was defective.  The fact that it had even lasted as long as it did was a miracle.  In a perfect world, Samsung would have recalled this model so I could get my money back - but there was nothing in place to help me, since I hadn't bothered with a warranty.  Even so, the testimonials I read made it seem like even if I'd had a warranty, getting my monitor fixed would have been like pulling hen's teeth.  You can probably get this monitor cheap now due to its being defective.  If you're looking for a cheap monitor that will last, if you're lucky, a year - feel free to buy this monitor.  Otherwise, look elsewhere.

Murrieta, CA


Love it


My husband and I both have the Samsung SyncMaster 204B. It is wonderful. We have never had any issues with these monitors. They are not too big, not too small~Just right~ The moniotrs are easily customizable. With the touch of a button, you can change the screen settings if needed. I have used this setting often when getting on the PC first thing in the morning when my eyes have not quite adjusted to the lights. I can easily dim the monitor to a lower setting. I highly recomend this monitor.

Mullens, WV


Samsung SyncMaster LCD Monitor

4.0 3