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Samsung SyncMaster LCD Monitor

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Excellent monitor for a fairly low price.


I bought my Samsung 2030 on the recommendation of a friend. Basically it's awesome. It's got a bright screen. I use it for gaming and graphic design and it handles it all very well. It provides a clear, bright image, something I need and appreciate. The dual input is also awesome as I have my PC using the DVI input and my Xbox using the RBG input. I no longer have to switch cables to switch systems. Just hit the button on the side. I would recommend this or another samsung monitor to anyone looking to buy a new monitor.

Aurora, CO


This Samsung Monitor is awesome!


I got this monitor for a desktop computer that I recently built. Before, all I ever had was notebook screens, but this is way better. It's big, so I had a bit of an issue of where to put it... But that means it has a bigger screen, and more room to work with on the desktop. I like the clear part on the bottom, that conducts the light; it has good aesthetics. It's a bit bright; my apartment has little/no natural lighting and bad artificial lighting, so it makes it hard to see things around my room after I've been staring at the computer screen... But overall it has good colors, and a very good display. However, the angle of the screen is not adjustable, so if I'm looking at something dark, I'll have to move around a bit to minimize the glare as I'm looking at the screen... The buttons at the bottom are nice, not actually buttons, but print on the casing that you touch to do things. I'm a bit used to older screens, with actual buttons, so this is new for me... I got this item as a gift, so I'd say it's a very good monitor for the price...

Rough And Ready, CA


This Samsung Monitor is reliable and affordable.


My LCD TV is a Samsung branded and my current LCD monitor attached to my desktop is a Samsung also. This monitor is good weighted for a 20 inch LCD monitor which provides a 50,000:1 pixel per second. The monitor is up to par with a regular 20 inch LCD TV which provides the consumer excellence in quality and better yet a little cheaper. Samsung is still one of leading companies in providing high quality TV resolution with affordable prices and this monitor is definitely what you need if you want a compact monitor that does it job for watching HD shows, playing your favorite PS3 / Xbox 360 games on it. For the price you're paying, it has the ability to perform the specs of a regular LCD TV. Samsung's warranty is excellent in fixing their products on a timely fashion and I personally been using my own TV for over 2 years and none of my pixels are dead. This goes the same to my current monitor which has been used alittle over 2 years.

Brooklyn, NY


Not really worth the money


This Samsung monitor has a very attractive external appearance, with a sleek glossy finish that blends in well with any decor. But its viewing display leaves something to be desired. Perhaps I am a little biased because this is not a high-def screen, but the viewing quality of video and photos seems less than ideal. I do not have a real problem with colors of the screen themselves, but it does not make up for the resolution of the screen. This display would fit under the budget monitor category, so depending on what you are looking for it may or may not be a good buy. If you are looking for something to use for photo-editing, gaming, or watching videos, then I would suggest a higher-end model. But if you are looking for just a regular flat-screen display without fancy bells or whistles, then this would be a good fit. It does not come with a built-in speakers as some other displays might, which may or may not be a good thing. Altogether, the quality of the display is decent, but I would not recommend it to a friend.

Sugar Land, TX


Samsung SyncMaster LCD Monitor

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