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Samsung Steam Gas Dryer

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Samsung gas dryer is the best!


I just love this samsung gas dryer. It is the best thing. I always hate doing laundry especially when I don't have time to take the clothes out after it's dry. So a lot of times, the clothes are left in the dryer for a little while and my clothes always get wrinkle. It's just so hard to remove the clothes and fold them right away. With this wrinkle free dryer, now my clothes can be left there overnight and the clothes are still wrinkle free. I can not believe that. Because I can be drying my clothes overnight while I go to sleep and the next day I have some wrinkle free clothes. After the clothes is dry, the dryer acually cools down so the clothes doesn't get wrinkle. I lived in the 2nd floor, so this dryer is also very quiet too. I can have this dryer running anytime of the day even when we are sleeping, so it's just so nice. This makes laundry not as bad a chore. They should have this a long time ago, so I can save time ironing my stuff.

Canton, MA


Quick and wrinkle free drying! The best dryer I have ever owned!


I bought this dryer after going through many Kenmore dryers. Although this dryer was a bit more expensive then the standard Kenmore, it has been well worth it. I am a working mom of a toddler and preschooler and quick and efficient is what I am all about. This dryer dries in half the time of any other dryer I have owned and all of our clothes come out wrinkle free! The best investement I have made!

Hillside, NJ


Samsung sold a LEMON!


I purchased this "top of the line" Samsung gas dryer two weeks ago, and I have had nothing but problems since it was installed. The dryer squeaked at first and then 4 DAYS after it arrived it stopped spinning. The Samsung service tech came after 5 more days, but had NO replacements parts with him. I have been told that he will have the ordered part in a 4 more days, but I feel that since the number of days I had it working have now been exceeded by days it has been broken qualify this as a bad purchase. There is nothing that I like about this product at this point. Maybe if Samsung can get the thing to work I can rereview.

Bloomfield, NJ


Samsung Steam Gas Dryer

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