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Samsung Intrepid is a great phone but has a few flaws


This is one of the underdogs of Sprint phones. It has great battery life, perhaps THE best speakerphone I have seen on a phone, and a really nice keyboard. It is stable, unlike other Windows Mobile phones and also feels solid. Unfortunately, there are some negatives to this phone. Camera is great, and everything just works. The keyboard, however feels somewhat cheap, the notification light only stays on for a few seconds, a known bug.  The reception on this is abysmal, even "dumbphones" have better reception than this thing.  I seriously have gone through many of these, and each of them has bad reception where texts would not be sent and it would be roaming most of the time. Screen resolution is unbelievably low, and this is coming from a phone that is relatively new. But overall it is a great phone, compared to the HTC Touch Pro, Diamond, Treo series, etc.  If you're stuck with Windows Mobile, go for this.

Canton, MI


Samsung Smartphone

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