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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator RS265LBRS

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side by side fridge


first of all samsung have good quality product but for the average user who are not extra carefull with their product the fridge will last an average of a year and a few months. **PROS** the fridge is double side the left is the freezer and the right is the fridge it had its own water filter and ice maker which saves you all the stress "thumbs up on that" the fridge compartment is pretty spacious (*if you like to stock up you fridge you have to organize smartly and they will fit)* ***CONS*** after about a year i started hearing wierd noise at the back of the fridge and i had to unplug it for a couple of hours and restart it. for those who buy alot of food ahead ot time the frezzer is not big it ok for average number of items so dont expect to stock it up) another freezer might be good for you only if you stock up on frozen foods beaneth the water filter can get dirty so clean regularly **REcomendations** clean it regularly at least once a month and it should last you for a long time

Richmond, TX


This thing is a lemon.


I have the sore distinction of being the owner of a Samsung RS265LBBP side by side refrigerator. I have had nothing but head aches with this machine. The door stops don't allow the doors to open wide enough.This makes removing the shelves and bins a nightmare to clean and adjust Mine lasted six months before the motherboard went out and the refrigerator began freezing everything in it. The water filter froze and burst. Because the water filter is a direct feed from the water line with no control valve. the machine AND my kitchen floor flooded. Thank God it fractured durin thee daytime. I shudder to think what would have happened if it burst during the night. The authorized servieman started working on the machine January 6, 2009. He has been here once a week since then.He was here again today Feburary 9, 2009.I hope he fixed it this time.

Ansonia, OH


Samsung Side by Side bad choice


Purchased Samsung Side by Side and 15 months later, the water dispenser stopped working, started freezing foods kept in refrigerator and then water starting coming through the filter and flooded my kitchen and laundry room.  Samsung Customer Service gives you the impression they want to help you when you call, but they are actually blowing smoke.  After waiting over a week for repairman, called to say he had to pick son up from school and wouldn't be coming.  Samsung stated 3 times they would replace our refrige and here we are three weeks later and have never once received a call from Samsun.  Each time we call, we have to tell story all over again and told issue will be sent to ECR. Contracted Service Company called and scheduled a second time (promised we wouldn't have to take off work again).   Technician calls before scheduled time to say he had dentist appointment and someone needed to be at our home within 15 minutes or he would not be able to make it.  We had to ask our son to meet technician at our home.  Called to advise us that he would have to order parts and it could be 3-5 days (stated with Samsung it can take longer).    When we came home, Technician had left screws in a bowl in our kitchen sink.  Now, the freezer is not working.  Have no confidence in technician or Samsung.  We could not have Thanksgiving dinner because of this.

Las Vegas, NV


Works as good as it looks.


The Samsung RS267LABP refrigerator delivers what it promises. It is spacious, flexible and really sharp looking. The dual filter unit keeps the fridge and freezer completely fresh - no odor transfer to other food, water or ice. **Refrigerator Features:** 1. Twin Cooling SystemTM - For best storage of your food,each refrigerator and freezer compartment requires different conditions such as humidity, temperature and storage time. High humidity level in the refrigerator compartment is a critical condition for optimal freshness for fruits and vegetable, while too much humidity can have harsh effects to the performance of the freezer compartment. 2. CoolSelect ZoneTM Drawer - The CoolSelect ZoneTM Drawer allows you to select the temperature and functions that fit your lifestyle and needs. You can control the temperature of your refrigerator to thaw or quick chill items for a last minute dinner or spur-of-the-moment party. You will be amazed by the versatility of the CoolSelect ZoneTM Drawer. 3. Digital display and control - Controlling the refrigerator is easy with the digital display. The refrigerator and freezer temperatures and other information are viewable at a glance on this model's Digital Display 4. Ice and water dispenser - Forget about having to remember to fill the filtered water pitcher ever again. With it's in-door ice and water dispenser you will always have plenty of filtered water, as well as crushed ice and cubed ice on hand. The tall serving area allows you to fill large glasses and pitchers.

Woodbridge, VA


Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator RS265LBRS

3.0 4