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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator


Twin Cooling keeps food fresher Find items fast with Energy-efficient LED lighting ENERGY STAR Compliant External digital display to easily adjust controls Twin Cooling Plus System Power Freeze and Cool Options 2-Minute Door Alarm Concealed Hinges: Refrigerator hinges are hidden, providing an exterior that is seamless and easy to clean. Blue LED Display Filter Indicator Water Filter Multi Air Flow R-134a Refrigerant 2 Crisper Drawers 4 Tempered Glass Shelves 2 Gallon Door Bins 2 Door Bins Dairy Compartment LED Interior Lighting 4 Shelves

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Don't Buy!!


This refrigerator has given us problems from the first month we purchased it!! Ice maker not working properly. It has been replaced twice. Still gives problems. The water filter is an added expense of $60+ each changing. It has frozen up several times. We have put just about the same money in repairs as the purchase price. We wanted a big nice refrigerator but got a big problem!!!




Never again!


The worst investment ever made. Freezer stopped working before a year in. Then icemaker stopped working the next 2 trs. Over the last 3-4 yrs fridge side has stopped working. Woke up to flooded kitchen, basement because of water leaking. Fridge not working yet again.


Cincinnati, Ohio


Roomy Fridge and Freezer, A good buy for our family.


We purchased this refrigerator a year and a half ago. I like the look, the stainless does smudge but cleans quickly with the special cleaner (an extra purchase). I like the storage space. The shelves do not have much room for adjustment. Everything fits well that I buy except for tall drinks like 2 liter soda bottles, they have to be stored in the door. It has LED light in the back that are bright and we really like them, they don't look like they can be changed but LED's should last a long time. The display on the outside is really nice, tells you the temp of the freezer and fridge, lets you know when the filter needs to be changed. Allows you to set a power freeze mode that cools the freezer quickly. The freezer also has lots of room with two draws in the bottom they can be hard to get things in and out but not too bad. The ice maker is in the door and is the only thing about the whole unit I would not give a 5 to. It sometimes gets stuck and continues to shoot out ice after you move your cup, due to a piece of ice getting stuck. also twice it has gotten stuck on crush also due to ice in the wrong place we think. To get the unit inside out is also hard and difficult to put it back. But for us these things are not a game changer and we still really like this refrigerator. Noise Level over all not super quiet and power freeze is pretty loud. Interior Organization lots of space and three drawers in the fridge! Temperature Control digital and on the door, fully adjustable Ease of Cleaning everything comes out to clean


Providence Forge, VA


Pretty on the outside...disappointingly small on the inside


We purchased this refrigerator because of the good reputation of the Samsung name, the decent price, and the fancy double doors with ice and water. The interior is very impressive, with Star Trek lighting and trays that pull out so they're easy to clean. However, it fails on the wide-enough-to-put-a-pizza-box-in test and I hate that there's limited places to put tall containers. It just seems like we can't get as much in there as we did our freezer-on-top model. The stainless steel is very pretty though and the ice maker works well - although it is a little tricky to reinsert the ice bucket after removal. It has a lock feature on the front panel which is also nice, considering I have nosy toddlers. Interior Organization It comes with a rack for bottles. Ease of Cleaning Shelves slide in and out and wipe down easily. Exterior is very normal for stainless steel. Durability We've had it less than a year. So far, it's still kickin...


La Vergne, TN


Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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