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Samsung Series Laptop

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I enjoy this laptop.


I was very reluctant to get rid of my desktop PC. This is my first laptop. Overall, it suits my basic computing needs. Plenty of storage space for my large photo collection. The resolution is nice for the HD video clips. Ease of Use Once I walked through the initial setup, this computer is easy to use. The computer keyboard is set up well. USB ports are easy to find. I like the side keyboard of numbers. Battery Life Without streaming videos, I get around three hours of basic use out of a full charge. Fairly average for the market. Support & Service I had some issues about a week after I bought the laptop. I was having difficulty getting my anti-virus software to boot and thus other applications would not boot up. At first, I tried the online help agent but I still was unsure I was registering everything correctly. When I called the 1-800 number I actually spoke to a human customer service rep. Yes, there was a minor language barrier, however, this agent was so knowledgeable and took the time to walk me through the steps to get my software registered and running correctly. He even telephoned back the following evening to ensure the computer was still running well. Since then, I have had no issues with the laptop. Speed/Performance As I had mentioned previously, I am not a gamer, nor do I download or stream movies. For my word processing, social media, and basic internet searching the computer runs well. I do sometimes experience some buffering when I try to download some exercise clips, however, I may attribute that to the internet connections in my area. Design The size of the computer is a bit bulkier than some of the smaller notebooks. The screen is phenomenal and I like the layout of the keyboard. Durability This computer takes a lot of abuse during the week. My tutoring students are frequently tapping away at it. It is being dragged in and out of my bag and car as well. A bit of minor wear and tear around the edges. Would certainly recommend this for families.



The Ultimate Ultrabook


I am an extreme tech nerd, therefore, I have owned a lot of laptops and ultrabooks from basically all the manufacturers and various different models made by them. This samsung ultrabook is one of them, and honestly, this is hands down the BEST out of everything I've owned which include Macbook Air 13 inch (2011), Dell XPS13, Sony S series, Lenovo T420, X220, Asus Zenbook etc. There are other products that come pretty close to it in build quality, and those are the XPS13, Macbook Air, however, samsung is easily the sexiest and has the BEST screen out of all of them. The PLS 900P panel screen packed in this samsung is just phenomenal. Never seen more beautiful screen on any laptop in my life, ever (maybe the exclusion of the MBP retina which also costs hundreds more). It is also the thinnest, and lightest of all 13 inch laptops out there. The ambient green keyboard backlight is also very unique, not very bright but that low green quiet light really screams sexy. Touchpad is also the best out of all the windows laptop that ive had. Apple still edges it out when it comes to the touchpad, but this ones pretty close. The keyboard is its only weak spot though. It is extremely shallow so you get virtually no feedback at all, but they are metal, instead of cheapy plastic that was used on the 1st gen Series 9. Definite plus. Other than those physical stuff, most of these ultrabooks pack a very similar internal hardwares so not much to say on that, except the fact that Series 9 has the fastest boot time of all, there is no competition, Not even the macbook air. It also certainly feels a lot snappier than most. It has a sandisk SSD with minimal bloatware. If you're shopping for an ultrabook and have a bit of a budget, this is the one to get. No doubt. Ease of Use Its a windows PC. Very easy to use, and with boot times less than 8~9 seconds, it is extremely easy to use! Backlit keyboard and crystal clear and crisp display also helps! Battery Life About 7~8 hours for casual use. It certainly gets more life than most other ultrabooks I have tried. Support & Service Did not really have to contact samsung for anything as of yet. Speed/Performance As described in the overall review, this ultrabook really feels snappier than anything else out on the market. That include MBA/XPS13/Zenbook and what not. 7~9 Seconds boot time in windows 7! are you kidding! Design Honestly the sexiest looking machine out in market. Zenbooks look pretty similar but they are way too flashy for my taste. This samsung look genuine, professional and sleek. Absolute beauty. Durability With these high quality materials and ultra low voltage cpu combined with SSD, I expect these to last a long time unless one is careless and drops it or something. Only concern is the unremovable battery and the small storage that may fill up as you go...but thats what external HDs are for, right?

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Samsung Series Laptop

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