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Samsung Sensor Dry Gas Dryer

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I love my space aged dryer!


This Samsung dryer not only drys faster than any of my previous dryers, but it drys a lot more at one time. I really like the auto moister checking sensor, I don't ever have to worry about pulling wet clothes out of the dryer or manually adding more time. I will walk by and see 5 minutes remaining and then it will say 10 minutes remaining because it has sensed there are some wet items remaining in the load. My electric bill has decreased since upgrading to this energy effecient model, and I've spent less time on laundry since it holds a lot more. I also appreciate the child lock that you can set on this model, I no longer have to worry about my young daughter opening the dryer and stopping it without my knowledge. The only remote downside to this dryer is it is much deeper than older models, my home has a laundry closet instead of a laundry room, and the bubble on the front of this model prevented the door from closing. However, I prefered this dryer so much that I removed the doors and hung a curtain in it's place since the dryer fit in the closet, but stopped the door.

Jamestown, NC


This Samsung dryer dries clothes in 40 minutes.


This Samsung dryer dries clothes in 40 minutes, seriously. It is the companion to our Samsung washer and we have been using it for about 15 months. With 2 little kids, one in cloth diapers, we do A LOT of laundry and my Samsung dryer does not slow me down. The controls are very simple to navigate and we installed it ourselves very easily. It holds a TON, and still manages to get the job done quickly. We opted not to buy the pedestals because I like to fold laundry on the top of it and don't have a counter for that in our tiny laundry room. It is also very quiet which is a plus when your laundry room is off the family room. We have it the pearl blue color and it is goregous, but does scratch easily. I wish I had put a protective surface on the top to prevent the many scratches it has suffered from buttons and snaps. The drying rack has come in handy for drying wet tennies or a lay flat to dry sweater in a flash.

Redding, CA


Samsung Sensor Dry Gas Dryer

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