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Samsung Sensor Dry Electric Dryer

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I wouldn't buy Samsung dryer ever again!!


The dryer works and has many options for drying. After I purchased 6 months went by and no problems. Then this horrible squeaking started. Called Samsung for repair and no one can fix the issue. The loud noise keeps you from drying clothes. All Samsung would do is refund money but I have to keep the broken dryer and have a non matching set.


Hickory, NC








A great asset for your household!


I love this washer and recommend it to all my family and friends. It saves me time and gets my clothes very clean. I can always rely on this washer to make my life easier. Load Capacity I love the load capacity of this washer. It holds so many pieces of clothing that you can get a lot of laundry done in a short amount of time. I look forward to doing laundry because I can get it done so much quicker than when I had my older top loader. Laundry can be a chore that can last the whole day or days, but this washer makes it go by so fast and painless. Performance This washer definitely gets my clothes clean. I never have to worry about my clothes not coming out of the wash not being clean or feeling dingy. Ease of Use This washer is so easy to use. The buttons on the front are very self-explanatory and are easy to understand. There is a compartment for your laundry detergent (powder or liquid), a spot for bleach, and a spot for fabric softener. You can set the temperature, how fast the spin is, how loud your alert is for when your load is done, if you have delicates, whites, wool, heavy duty, etc. Durability I have moved several times and this washer has held up as far as durability. It is well made and I have not had to repair it for any reason. I have had this washer for over four years and have been very pleased with how it has held up. Design I love the sleek design of this washer. The settings on the front are easy to understand and allows you to customize exactly how you want your clothes washed. This comes in handy when you have really dirty clothes or really delicate clothes that cannot all be washed the same.




dry dry dry


We purchased the matching pair and am extremely pleased with both. This dryer is extremely quiet and gets our cloths dry quite a bit faster than our previous dryer did. This dryer also has a larger capacity than our old one.its extraordinary.Also its worth the money we pay.




Takes the guess work out of drying time.


Have been using the Samsung for 7 months.  Extremely quite.  Most often use the sensor trying selections which take the guess work out of how long dry a load.  Clothes come nearly wrinkle free.  Have noticed less lint in the lint tray that from my old dryer.  Recommend purchasing a pedestal as it makes it much easier to load and unload.  Have noticed a drop in my electric bill so it goes along well with my desire to find more energy efficient appliances.


Green Valley, AZ


This Samsung Electric Dryer Will Not Disappoint


This Samsung Electric Dryer has cut my laundry time in half.  It uses sensor dry technology that adjusts the time so my clothes do not get over dried or come out all wet.  It has more than enough heat settings, and it includes a wrinkle release setting.  I have four small children so we use the wrinkle release setting often, cutting back on my ironing time for casual wear.  It has an amazingly large capcity size, and I am able to dry my king-sized comforter in one cycle.  I love the wrinkle prevent button that continues tumbling a load without heat until you open the door.  This prevents my clothes from sitting in the dryer for too long and becoming wrinkled, providing me with one less thing to worry about.  It also has a child lock feature that prevents my children from interruping the drying cycle.  I have absolutely loved using this dryer and it has made my time spent on laundry a lot eaiser.  I highly recommend this product.


A city in, MO


Good dryer, does the job.


I will admit that I had never been a heavy dryer user prior to getting this one.  This has done a good job with the various loads I have thrown at it.  I have primarily left the setting on the default auto sensor mode which has for the most part been successful.  When attempting to dry loads of very different contents however,  I have had to remove some of the dry  articles and restart the cycle to finish drying the rest.  at 7 cu. ft it is large enough to dry most things, although large comforters do fill it up and i end up needing to readjust it a few times to get it completely dry.  I have dried up to 7 pairs of jeans in it though and that went fine with no issues.  There is also a drying rack which can be used for more delicate items such as sneakers, sweaters, stuffed animals and pillows One important note which threw me for a loop even as far as calling for service is the wrinkle prevent setting.  I chose this one day it did what it was supposed to do, which was to tumble the clothes after the drying cycle was completed, for up to 90 minutes.  The confusion was in the display on the front of the machine.  After my clothes had finished the drying cycle, the display changed from the numerical count down to a rectangle around the outer edges of the display, with one "pixel" plinking in succession, looking like it was going around teh screen.  There was nothing noted in the manual about this, so I thought something was wrong with the machine.  When I called the service number in the manual and described what I was seeing, even noting all the settings i had used, the customer service rep had me unplug the machine to re-set it and it looked like it was ok, until they drying finished and the display changed again.  They scheduled a technician to come out and we replicated the issue for the technician when he arrived.  He was surprised when he saw the display and told us that was the wrinkle prevent indicator.  Admittedly embarrassed, I felt better when he himself went through our manual and was unable to find any mention of this.  He let us know that it must have been removed recently as he had other manuals where it was mentioned.


Natick, MA


Samsung Sensor Dry Electric Dryer

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