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Samsung Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range FER300SX

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This is a good looking range with a porcelan top


Overall I am very happy with this model. It has even temperature and has been cooking things well. It does have 2 burners that can be used for small or large pots and it took some getting used to, figuring out at what temperature to place the dial. There was an issue with the broiler pan, no-one bothered to tell me that it doesn't come with one, I left my old one with the range that was removed, so now I don't have one. Temperature Control The oven actually warms up showing the temperature as it rises, then there is a beep when the requested temperature is reached. Heat Distribution Heat appears to spread evenly over the burners. Durability I bought the range in July, so I'm really not qualified to speak on the durability of the product. My ratings is based on my expectations. Design I like the look, it is sleek and contemporary. Ease of Cleaning This range has 2 self-cleaning cycles. one that only involves steam cleaning and is completed in 20 minutes. I have already tried this and it is really only for light cleaning and it leaves quite a bit of water to be wiped up. I'm not sure that I like this feature.

Coatesville, PA


Samsung Self-Cleaning Electric Range FER300SX !!!!!


I love my Samsung Electric Range!!! It is a convection oven.So you have the choice of convection or not.It has a warming drawer at the bottom to keep your food warm if like.The control panel has many settings such as keep warm for oven to keep food warm.Proofing ,warming center for the middle burner .It has two timers.One for the oven cooking ,and one for something else.It is the best electric oven I have ever used.It has a flat glass top for cooking.I have had mine for three years now.No scatches yet.You do need to use certain cookware for the cook top.I find the encapsulated works the best. Temperature Control It keeps great temperature. Heat Distribution I love the way everything comes out. Durability So far so good!!! Everything is still working great!!! Design I love everything about this range. Ease of Cleaning It is self cleaning, but you do have to prepare it for cleaning.

Brazoria, TX


Samsung Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range FER300SX

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