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Samsung SW62ASP Top Load Washer

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high efficiency top load washer


Samsung's high efficiency top load washer handles all types and sizes of loads very well but it does better on the heavier loads. The washer automatically weighs and adjusts the water level to suit the size of the load with no wasting of water. It spins the laundry very dry. Energy Efficiency It is very frugal with the water usage. Cleaning Time There are many different settings and levels of cleaning needed to choose from. Performance Everything gets clean and very dry. The washer accommodates usage of either powder or liquid detergents. There is a well for fabric softener and also one for liquid bleach. Ease of Use It is easy to use and to figure out all the settings. The washer can be paused to add a forgotten item. Design The tub is very deep and less agile or shorter people may have trouble reaching small items in the bottom of the tub to unload them. Durability So far I have had no problems. It seems to be well built and designed.



Samsung SW62ASP Top Load Washer

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