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Samsung - SL50 Digital Camera

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You get what you pay for


I am not a professional photographer by any means, however, I do like to take pictures, and because of that, I own several cameras. I picked up this Samsung about 3 years ago, on sale, as something to use around the house and mainly for ebay. It turned out that I ended up trying to take this one with me a lot, because its small and compact enough to just toss in my purse or pocket. I regret getting it though, as its not been a great camera. Image Quality Image quality is probably the most important thing when getting a camera. I can not get a great picture out of this camera if I tried. I just don't see why it never wants to focus, no matter what red eye feature I set it on, people always have red eyes, the colors are dull and even when I use a flash, it has a hard time focusing. Performance It works ok, the buttons do what you tell them to, but its not a great camera. Ease of Use Its definitely easy to use. There's not a lot to it. Durability Hold up pretty well actually. Maybe the only thing I do like about it. Even though I throw it in my bag a lot and tote it around, it seems to be holding up great. I have dropped it a few times and had to piece it back together, but it went fine. Battery Life I have a rechargeable battery for it, and it seems to last for a while, depending on if I am taking a lot of videos or not. Portability Small and compact, easy to carry around.



tiny camera, good for girls who don't want to carry a lot.


The camera is really small, even compared to other digital cameras out there.  There's nothing super fancy about it, but it takes nice pictures, and has all the settings of other normal digital cameras.  I like that its super small, it fits in my pocket when i'm on the go and its super light. I recommend it for people who just want a small cameral that takes good quality photos without any of the super fancy stuff.

Honolulu, HI


Samsung SL50 is a great little camera


We bought two of the Samsung SL50 cameras for our sons to use on a family vacation in Europe. These are their first cameras so we wanted something that would work well for point-and-shoot use, while allowing some flexibility for developing skills.  We were not disappointed. We traveled in late fall when Europe has shorter days and the skies are typically anything but sunny.  We had rain, snow, and gray days the entire time, but this camera readily adjusted and every picture's quality (composition is a user variable) was stunning...crisp and clear.  As the boys used their imagination and played with settings (zoom, no flash, etc.) the cameras were easy to operate.  There came a moment in the trip when my own camera (a 3 year-old Samsung) encountered a shutter jam.  My youngest wasn't in the mood to snap pictures that day, so I borrowed his camera and was thoroughly pleased with the ease of use and picture quality. The only drawback I found is that these cameras come with rechargable battery packs instead of standard cell batteries that can be purchased almost anywhere domestic or abroad.  So when the battery died, photographing was done for the day.  We resorted to recharging daily like you would with a cell phone, and the cameras accepted the European current without problem, just needed an adapter.  A little less convenient, but for a low-cost, simple, but good-quality camera it wouldn't keep me from recommending it.

Martinez, CA


The Samsung SL50 Digital Camera is very reliable


                The Samsung SL50 Digital Camera is very very reliable. I got the Samsung SL50 Digital Camera about a year ago and it still works very well. It is worth the money you spend for it because it looks good, it works very well, and it is takes beautiful pictures.                      The only bad thing about it is it when I went camping I dropped it the snow by accident and when i tried to use it got a little mixed up. I would want to use the camera mode but it would go to video mode. But last week it went back to normal for some reason. I don't what I did but it just went back to normal.                      Overall it works very well. So I think you should buy this product. You should buy this product if you want a very reliable, a very good looking, and an awsome camera. I love this product it is worth all the money I put in to buy it.                   I hope you decide to buy this product.

La Puente, CA


Samsung - SL50 Digital Camera

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