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Samsung - SL35 Digital Camera

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Best Camera I've ever had


I abosolutely LOVED this camera. I purchased it as a Christmas gift to myself and loved that it was incredibly user friendly. The one I had was red and super cute. It wasn't super thin that I was scared of it dropping and breaking into a million pieces. I highly recommend this to busy moms on the go like myself who want the convenience of a great camera and video recorder all rolled into one handy dandy camera. I took tons of pics of my son and could easily switch to video mode with the click of a button. I was super sad when I had to replace my camera with Kodak M90, which I am NOT crazy about, because my son dropped my beloved Samsung and the shooter got stuck in zoom mode. Also the price was unbeatable! I HIGHLY recommend this camera and can seriously think of no cons.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


The best value for money


The requirement for a digital camera increased after we had our kids. There were so many great moments we wanted to capture that a film camera was become more of a problem than a help. We decided to go in for an inexpensive digital camera brand. We started on a good note, but later realized that there were too many problems with it. It consumed a lots of batteries and the picture quality was not great, specially in the time of low light. Possibly the flash was not very effective. It is then that we chose our latest possession, the Samsung SL35, 10.1 megapixel digital camera. It is an inexpensive compact digital camera with 3 x optical zoom, and a 2.7 inch LCD screen. It also has a gret picture quality, and shoots great videos. It is so easy to operate that i can safely give it to my 4 year old daughter to operate. It has an easy to use menu, and lots of features like scene selection etc. A great value for money.

Fort Leavenworth, KS


The Samsung SL35 is the best !


My son gave me this Samsung SL35 Digital Camera for Christmas. I love it! I had a great little digital camera before, but the problem with it was that I have moved twice since I got it. The last time I moved, I misplaced the cord which goes from the computer to the camera to charge it. It is out of charge so I had no camera to use. Everytime someone wanted to know why I wasn't taking pictures at family events and I would have to go through the story and tell them that I couldn't charge it because I had lost the cord. Then my son gave me this one and I'll never be without it again. It uses regular batteries to stay charged. I don't have to worry about a cord to charge it. How great is that? The Samsung SL35 has so many features and yet it is automatic so it is easy to use...even for me. It comes with a USB cord so I can upload my pictures to MySpace and Facebook or just store them on my computer. It even has a holster with a belt clip so I can carry it with me, hands-free. I love this little Samsung SL35!

Coatesville, PA


Samsun SL35 Camera, has everything you need. Its perfect!


This camera is the best camera I have ever gotten as a gift. I am a teenager and this camera is the best! I can take quick and easy photos are my friends and family. The quality is perfect. This is a red camera with 10.2 MP. It has face detection, beauty shots and smart auto for those who is new to the camera world :)

Orlando, FL


Samsung - SL35 Digital Camera

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