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Samsung - SL202 Digital Camera

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Samsung - SL202, Great camera


As I said in other reviews, Samsung is one of my favorite brands. They're inexpensive but make decent quality products that are user friendly. This camera is no different. It's nice, sleek and light weight and easy to use. I liked that the help guide is right on the camera. Convenient! I also like the different features. Most of them are pretty basic..night, snow, landscape, close up..etc. But the Beauty Shot feature is nice. I'm sure other cameras have this but this was my first time using it. It works well and it's nice because I'm a little self conscious about how I look in pictures. So it's a nice ego booster! I also like that it takes clear pictures even when moving and taking decent shots doesn't take much effort. The video feature is nice as well, some complained they had background noise on videos but I didn't have this problem. The battery life is great too, I have recently been on some long sight seeing trips and I didn't have to worry about the battery dying at all. I like that it's a recharged battery as well, saves money and time, unlike some more expensive brands. I really don't have any cons. I like that you can also edit the pictures ON the camera. It's fun and easy to do. Overall, a nice inexpensive camera, good for casual picture takers.

Mobile, AL


reliable, easy to get along with piece of technology


Before I purchased this Samsung SL202 camera, I was a little hesitant. I previously owned two different Samsung camera's and I loved the quality of the pictures they took but it seemed as though I had the same malfunction with both which caused them to stop working. With both of my previous Samsung camera's, my zoom lens always seemed to get stuck. I eventually decided to give this one a shot.The price was very affordable and the camera was very easy to use. The different picture options makes it almost impossible not to capture the perfect picture. One thing that I found that I did not like was that you cannot save pictures onto the camera and transfer them onto another SD card. I was a little annoyed that something that seemed so easy could not be done. Also, when I first purchased this camera, the store had a "purple" color on display and was the one that I wanted but when the sales associate went to get the camera from the backroom, the box indicated that the camera inside was silver and that they had run out of the purple color that was displayed on the shelf. I opened the box to see if the silver was something that I would be interested in and of course it was the purple camera I wanted. I do not know if this was a manufacturer screw up or if it was that particular store but I also had a family member that went through the same thing with the box indicating one color on it but the camera inside was actually another color. So I would advise you to make sure the color indicated on the outside of the box is actually the color camera inside the box. Also within 3 months of owning this camera, as with all of my other Samsung camera's..then lens got stuck half way out and would not retract back in. I had to contact Samsung and they replaced the lens with a brand new one and it has worked fine ever since. I absolutely love this camera but I am very cautious with leaving it any and everywhere and am very scared for if it gets dropped because it does not seem to be able to resist a drop. Overall I get many compliments of the picture quality and will continue to use it. As for the battery life..it is AWESOME i think I have charged my camera once or twice in over a year.

Palm Bay, FL


Works great, dependable


This little camera goes the mile, I photograph rainbows, water, closeups of nature, sunsets-- things that don't always work out--- and I can usually find a setting to make it happen.  I use the "dawn" setting in the evening for the sunsets as it lightens things up, and use "smart auto" when I can't figure out what to do.  Clarity, skintone, night shots fireworks all are excellent  Inexpensive reliable camera, takes 3 hours to charge...  The photos are clear and the zoom is very good.  You can get alot of closeups from a distance.

Waialua, HI


Samsung - SL202 Digital Camera

4.0 3