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Samsung - SL102 Digital Camera

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Nowadays Hardly anyone uses their digital cameras but there was a time few years back when everyone had one. Now its about smart phones. Smart phones have replaced the digital camera the same way they took over the cameras with album reel. Anyways, about this camera, it was the first camera I spent for, out of my pocket. I feel digital cameras, then let it be anyone, are so easy to operate. Hold, focus and click. It is not a rocket science to learn how it works. I do not remember taking long time to learn its features. It has an excellent 10 MP camera which clicks the perfect and crystal clear picture. It comes with 3 times optical zoom that makes it much easier to take the pictures from far off. 2.5" LCD screen is pretty awesome as well. It lets you take the exact idea of what you are taking into focus. I was happy with this purchase of mine and would recommend to anyone looking for a digital camera.



Great Camera!!!


Got this camera for my daugther last year and it takes great pics and offers some great creative borders and graphics she can play around with to make the pics more fun! It has great battery life and is so easy to move the pics from your memory card to your computer or on to picture papers!

Parkville, MD


Samsung SL102 Digital Camera Rocks


I am in love with my Samsung SL102 Digital Camera. Reasons are because it is a perfect camera for anything and everything. It is 10MP which is excellent. I am very big into taking pictures and yes this camera takes a Micro SD Card. I reccommend it for any and all ages.

Wausau, WI


Samsung - SL102 Digital Camera

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