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Samsung - SGH-X497 Cell Phone

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Mobile garbage


I'll be the first to admit that the phone came "free" with my cell phone plan. However, I don't consider it an excuse for a shoddy product.  The sound quality is horrible...talk about "Can you hear me now?" And no, it's not the service. Other family and friends don't have the same issues....such having to "Reboot" the phone to make calls. A lot of the time a call will not go through and I'll have to turn the phone off, then on again to make the call.  It's time consuming and very inconvenient.  Bottom line, avoid this phone.

Kenvil, NJ


Simple Phone but Great Quality


I remember how overwelmed I felt when I bought my first cellular phone because I didn't want a lot of features, but I did want to be able to keep in touch with my family and friends and not worrying about the quality of sound or not being able to hear who I was talking too.  This **Samsung - SGH-X497 Cell Phone** was the perfect match for me because it is high quality, was relatively inexpensive and doesn't have a lot of features that I won't use.  I really liked the small and portable design that is durable and high quality.  The outside of the phone is hard and doesn't get scratched easily and can handle being dropped a time or too.  The outside displays the time and it is a flip feature to open so you have easy access to call.  I love the speaker phone feature and it is great for texting and making calls.  It doesn't have a camera or a full lettered keyboard, but it is perfect when you are buying a phone just for a phone.  I take this everywhere, and you can beat the cheap price.

Las Vegas, NV


Great for a basic phone


I wanted just a plain phone--no camera, no other bells and whistles--and this one is over 2 years old and going strong! Only drawback is that the volume setting on the ringer is easily changed (usually to mute when I need to hear it). Good sound quality.

Sloughhouse, CA


Samsung - SGH-X497 Cell Phone

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