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Samsung - SGH-T809 Cell Phone

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great phone by a great company


Great phone.  This phone is so simple to use and is great for anyone.  I bought this phone over a year ago and it is still going strong.  I would recommend this phone for any of my friends and for anyone in general.  The camera is great for taking still photos and for taking videos that you can send to your friends.  The only con on this phone is that the volume is too low when you listen to mp3s and the ringer.  Besides that the phone is perfect

Chicago Ridge, IL


Phone ruined my life for a while


I loved this phone when I first got it over a year ago.  As time passed, however, one thing after another went wrong with the phone.  At its worst, I could not hear a person unless the phone was on handset, but they couldn't hear me.  They could only hear me when I was using speakerphone, and of course, I couldn't hear them.  Terrible experience with the phone and the replacement phone ended up being no better.

Hamtramck, MI


A great phone that your friends will envy!


When I got this phone, it was a bit pricey.  I loved it from the moment I opened the package.  The screen is large, clear and bright.  The slider design protects the buttons.  The Samsung operating system is very easy to use and intuitive.  I also like that I can listen to mp3s, although it doesn't have a regular headphone jack and when listening to music, it seems the battery runs out really quickly.

Seattle, WA


huge lover of t-mobile phones!


the item im reviewing is the tmobile samsung t-809 phone. it's one of the best phones i have ever had. my only drawback is the fact that when people call, the name doesn't always show up on my caller id.other than that though the phone is great!

Birmingham, AL


A great sleek little slider with great capabilities.


 This little phone is lightweight. It's a black slider with mp3 player made by Samsung for T-mobile. I have owned my particular phone for over 3 years. I have dropped it, got it  sprinkled with a good amount of water, sat on it, and had my dog take off with it in his mouth before. In spite of all the jolts, damage and shock this thing has been exposed to, it just keeps on ticking...and well too. I am very hard on my phones, and have had a Razr and Razr2 both break within months of me purchasing them. Not so with the SGh-809. It is a slider, and I have had to WD-40 the sliding mechanism a few times, but other than that it works great. The mp3 player is easy to use, speakers are clear and the volume can get really loud. My one complaint? You can't change text message alerts to mp3 files. Another aspect of this phone that I really like is the easy way to change the volume on a call. It's easy to find, so you don't have to look at the actual phone to locate it. The pre-built games are great and fun to play. The menu is also customizable with either a flash setting or a still menu. I would buy this phone again in a heart beat.

El Paso, TX


A great deal


The **Samsung - SGH-T809 Cell Phone** is a great bargain.  It has all the perks of the more expensive phones and doesnt cost an arm and a leg.  I I get reception every where and I travel a lot.  I love it.

Chama, CO


Samsung - SGH-T809 Cell Phone

4.0 6