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Samsung - SGH-t239 Cell Phone

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The best cell phone I have experience with


This cell phone is one of the best cell phones that I know of, except maybe the Android line of phones. It has Bluetooth compatibility, takes pictures, and syncs with My T-Mobile online. It is a great cell phone, although if you're on a prepaid plan, it can get quite expensive. The minutes certainly add up in the long run.

Minneapolis, MN


Text friendly Battery last awhile longer than most phones


 I had no choice on the phone I had recieved because I had a Razor before my parents decided to get me a new phone as a gift so they got me this samsung t-mobile phone I love it its just not good for online I can check stuff like facebook online but Its not for online its more for the average person who texts but still calls. The samsung phone takes good pictures which I download to my album to use wherever I want. The keys on the phone are nice not that bad and to text does not get your thumbs wore out. I also like the slider up and down or I could just use my blue tooth on the phone that works too. I also like that It has the Web 2 go number pad and the texting box to create a text as an envelope. I do like that this phone has call waiting and also shows me the missed calls and dialed calls. I do like that this phone has a camera is burgandy red. Had this phone for 1 year to 2 almost and I can use the speaker phone instead of listening through the ear. I don't use it but it has a voice recorder option, I can use any photo I take with my phone as my wallpaper on the screen. I can also download ringtones from the t-mobile website to my phone. This samsung phone has good sound. The samsung phone fits in my hand or in my pocket. The samsung phone is also very easy to understand to work.

Lees Summit, MO


Samsung did not make good phone battery case falls off very easy


I got this phone about 2 monthes ago it was a nice phone very easy intill i found out that the back of battery case falls off very easy. Also cannot have the phone in your pocket it will make calls without you knowing very annoying. One other thing I did not like about this phone was the dirt and dust that gets trapped behind screen. This makes the phone very hard to use in sunlight even with the screen on full brightness. The power jack on this phone also is in a very odd spot which is on the side very annoying to hold when plugged in. The bluetooth works nice about the only thing I can say this phone is good for. The service on the phone is not too bad but does drop calls and sometimes when calling you get a wierd dial tone or lots of static. I would recommend this phone for someone who does not care for a expensive phone or getting it beat up. The cost of the phone fits the quality of the phone I won't be getting this phone again.

Norco, CA


I wouldn't trade my samsung t239 for no other phone!


1. Samsung T239 is a good quiality phone! 2. My phone is a slider and it also comes as a flip! 3. It comes with a speaker phone, bluetooth compability, camera. 4. You could set up yahoo messanger, aim, and windows live! 5. It also comes with games, calander, alarm clock, calculator, tip calculator. 6. It also comes with a voice recorder, organizer, world time, unit conversion, timer and stop watch!

Linden, NJ


Samsung - SGH-t239 Cell Phone

4.5 4