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Samsung - SGH- Stripe Cell Phone

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text friendly keypad


My 13 year old son just purchased a Samsung slider phone and he really loves the sleek look and the ease of use.  He uses it much more for texting then for phone calls, so he really enjoys the "qwerty" style keypad.  I use a different carrier, but will switch to T-Mobile even before my contract expires.  Great customer service!  

Scottsdale, AZ


I don't have good experience with this device


I wouldn't recommand you to buy this product as I personally have bad experiences for the samsung mobile phones. I believe and can tell that Samsung is a high quality brand but still for the cell phones I would rather recommand a nokia or HTC or other brand than this one. I bought this phone for my mother as she wanted a phone which is less costly but stylish looking. I thought it would be a great idea to buy samsung hand-set as I have very nice experiences with their HDTV and music system. At first we all liked the phone but later on; lack of features and low built quality gave us problems. I don't eactly know whether it was a software problem or not but the phone used to restart multiple times a day. My mother droped it only once and the flip of the phone cam off. When we went to the service station to get it fixed they told us that It will cost almost as half as the price of the phone. I dont' recommand this phone as You will be able to get equal or greater features in a Nokia phone at the same price.

Bogota, NJ


The standard for basic phones


In a world of increasing mobile computing, it is refreshing to have a cell phone that is, for the most part, just a phone. This phone is the epitome of phone technology as it pertains to cell phones. The phone has buttons that are relatively large with large type. The keys have a firm tactile feedback that assure that you made a key press. And the numbers on the screen are in a large font when dialing a number. These are fantastic, and often overlooked features in todays phones. Additionally the screen on the outside of the phone has caller ID functionality that notifies you of the number that is calling. If the number is in your phone book, it will display the contacts name which is a nice touch. The clam shell design of the phone is very functional. i find that it protects the display very well and also gives a nice mechanical sensation of hanging up the phone, similar to putting down a phone in it's cradle. What this phone doesn't do very well is allow you to surf the internet, read and compose text messages, take pictures or record movies, download apps or anything that cell phones are becoming. But as a phone, this cell phone is probably the best I've ever owned and I would buy more if I could find them. If you are interested, this phone, while made for T-Mobile, can be unlocked very easily (I can't post insructions here but googling should provide clear instructions) so that any SIM card can be used. I am currently using this phone on ATT.

Philadelphia, PA


Samsung SGH-T329 brings me back...


Oh, this review takes me back. Obviously, I don't use this phone anymore, but once upon a time, I did, and it was a good phone. So I decided I owe it to the product to write it a review on Viewpoints. It was, indeed, one of the best phones I had. Not as good as the phones that I own later on, due to advancement of technology. However, for what it's worth, it is a solid product! At the time, I thought the size was small and the look of it was awesome. I loved using the phone for phone calls, SMS, games (haha, what we used to think of as games), and many many more purposes. It was lightweight, and as a guy, I put my phone into my pants pocket. It does not make my pants look bulgy, which is the default case nowadays with smart phones. Well, you got to give and take, right? As to reception, I was with T-mobile at the time, I do believe, and it was awesome. I was dorming at USC at the time, and I have no problem with receiving phone calls and SMS while my poor classmates had to search for a hot spot. I do realize this is not a capability of the phone, per se, but who knows? It made me love my phone that much more. And oh yeah, somehow, I got this phone for free. And that always helps.

Azusa, CA


This phone has just enough perks to be easy to use and fun.


This is an excellent phone although the front screen has been broken for about 4 months but it took quite a beating before that happened without any damage.  I still use it with the broken front stripe because it is that good of a phone.  It has enough features for a tech savvy person but they are simple enough for a beginner.  Although I don't use half the services on the phone, that has more to do with there being subscription charges by carriers. Tmobile is great though and I got the phone for free.  I always get the free phone and this is the first one I've gotten that i like enough to not trade up next time I renew. I will be requesting the same phone when i renew.  There is no need to have a computer on an i-phone or G-3 type phone so i tend to stick with the simple things.  I do need picture and text messaging capabilities though and this is perfect and lets me send everything directly to my email.

Ocean City, MD


Better than my old one.


I will not say this is an amazing phone because there are so many out there now that do a lot more than mine can. However it is reliable, and durable, takes photos, and is a flip phone. For that it is better than my last one..

Bellingham, WA


The Samsung Stripe From T-Mobile Is A Real Styling Phone!


**Not too long ago, I went to The T-Mobile Store to pay my bill and see this kewl phone.** **For several months, I have been fighting tooth and nail to get this phone, hoping that I would get the honor of having it.** **Well, folks. I will tell you that I gotten it for FREE, just because of the fact that I am a very good model customer of T-Mobile, with FREE Shipping and that is how it all started.** **I learned that it has some very nice features.** **It has this thing called MyFaves, in which I get to choose my Top Five supporters who would be worthy of being on my honor roll.** **It also has a very kewl Multi Megapixel Camera, which will enable me to take some very nice pictures, on my many adventures in the real outside world.** **It also has this strange thing that they call Bluetooth, which is a very, special special feature of the Samsung Stripe.** **According to my friend at the T-Mobile Store, she explained to me that this Bluetooth would enable me to call and talk to my fans hands free.** **I even got me one of those kewl Bluetooth earpieces, which enabled me to use this new skill to allow me to have hands free communication, even when I am flying on patrol.** **And the best part is that it is a very kewl folding flip phone, which you can put in your little pocket!** **All in all, the T-Mobile Samsung Stripe Phone is one very kewl styling phone.** **And it is the worth the price for either upgrading or joining T-Mobile!**

Tucker, GA


Samsung - SGH- Stripe Cell Phone

3.9 7