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Samsung - SGH D-807 Cell Phone

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Love this phone


This is the best phone I have ever had. I have had several razor phones along with a couple other kinds and every one of them has broken but not this phone. I have flung this phone across the room and into walls i dont know how many times and it has never broken and barely has any scartches on it. It is very easy to use and understand. It has a lot of features other phones dont have like the numbers change colors. I just love it.

Sachse, TX


an average cell phone


This phone is very average in its features.  It doesn't offer much of anything special that any other average cell phone doesn't offer.  I find that it does not get as good of reception as some of the other phones that I've owned.  The funtionality of the music player is spotty.  Sometimes it will just decide not to read certain music files that it had played played fine only a day or two before.  The bttery lasts fairly long,and it looks OK, but there isn't much else positive abut this phone. 

Chicago, IL


this phone is awesome


this phone does just about everything I need it to do. I text all the time because I never know when my friends are in class. It's a slider so you don't push buttons by accident and call someone without knowing it but it's small enough to fit in my back pocket without a problem. I've been using it for about a year and have never had any problems with it at all. The battery holds a charge forever and I love the games and other options.  This is the 3rd Samsung phone that I have owned and never had any problems with any of them.  I highly recommend the brand.

Marietta, GA


Great phone, very aesthetically appealing


I've had this phone for about a year and a half now, so I'm familiar with all its quirks, downsides, and all, but I am still a big fan of it.Its the little things that make it fun to own: the little sound effect (which you can turn off) that sounds when you slide it open, the solid 'kthunk' feel when it opens and shuts, the small but comfortably weighted feel of it, the great color of the screen, and its black and chrome (also comes in white, which I've heard is also very nice) with backlit button stylings.  Add very practical pros to it, like bluetooth, decent call quality, quick access buttons, (voice dialing hasn't worked so well for me), long battery life, good construction, and its a phone that's very functional and practical, yet fun to use at the same time.  Its not perfect though.  If you've got it in your pocket all the time, and you tend to get bits of sand or whatnot in your pocket a lot, you may experience what I did: a few months in little bits of dust somehow got into my screen, so a little area of about 1/10 of my screen towards the bottom is marred by little dust particles trapped in there.  The other nuisance is holding it up to your ear.  Its a bit complicated to try to explain why it feels awkward holding this slider phone to your ear, so I encourage you to go to a cingular or ATT store, or whatever other carrier might carry this and try it for yourself.  I prefer using the phone with a bluetooth headset when possible.  As for reception, it's worse than my old cell phone, but only at my apartment, which may be due to cingular/ATT's network coverage here.  Generally though call quality is great.

Cambridge, MA


Great phone, loaded with features at a great price!


The D807 from Samsung is a great slider phone with a lot of features. The screen is very large and vibrant, the sound quality is great, and battery life is quite reasonable. One of the only cons to this phone is that in order to use the headphones, you have to use the proprietary Samsung headset due to the type of jack. This is also the same jack that charges the phone, so you can't listen to music or use the headset while the phone is charging.  Overall, I love this phone. My husband fell in love with it too, so much that he nabbed one for himself when it came time for him to upgrade his phone. I highly recommend this!

San Antonio, TX


Samsung - SGH D-807 Cell Phone

4.2 5