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Samsung - SGH- Cell Phone

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I love this cell phone, but I am going to get a Nokia next time.


The Samsung SHG-a517 great cell phone.  I opted to get it instead of my usual Nokia.  I have been very pleased with it.  There is one problem with it, though.  It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while I will be having a conversation with someone.  All of a sudden, the voice of the person I am speaking to will increase dramatically to the point that I have to pull the phone far away from my ear and it still hurts to hear them speak.  I have to yell into the phone from a distance that I need to hang up and call them back. As I said, this doesn't happen very often, but the fact that it happens at all is enough for me to make the decision not to buy another Samsung. Everything else on the phone works great.  The camera, even though it doesn't have a zoom, takes great pictures. It is a flip phone with internet access, should you choose to use it.   If you are looking for a basic phone with a camera and internet access, this is a great little phone.  The problem I have with it may just be limited to my one phone.

Beattyville, KY


I can not wait to get rid of the Samsung- SGH-a517


This is the worst phone I have ever owned. It is very hard to understand what the other person is saying on the phone. My husband got the same phone and has already had to replace it because he was not able to receive calls and would get a lot of droped calls. There are times that we will be standing next to a person with the same phone service and they will be talking just fine on their phone and we ill not have any service. I miss a lot of calls because of that. There are also times that my husband and I will be standing next to each other and try to call each other. One phone will ring but the other will not. We have spend hours on the phone with tech support and are postive that the problem do not lay with the network. It is the phone that does not work properly. The phone is not very user friendly. It is very difficult to get the speaker turned on. I was also very disappointed to find out that the phone did not have a calculator in it. All my other phones have. I would not reccomend this phone and really can not wait to get a new one. I am hoping AT&T will let me upgrade before my two years is up.

Mchenry, IL


My little Samsung gets the job done.


My Samsung has pretty standard features like a camera, video capability, IM, internet access, but it's really nothing to write home about.  I miss my RazR phone, but they break far too easily.  This phone is not very attractive either, but it's durable.

Marlborough, MA


Samsung - SGH- Cell Phone

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