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Samsung - sch-u550 Cell Phone

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Samsung U550 is an average phone, usable, but not outstanding.


The Samsung SCH-U550 cell phone is an average cell phone best for users who just want a phone to talk on and basic texting features. I have this phone with Verizon Wireless service, and it works pretty well for me. I can browse the internet, I can talk to my kids and my husband, and I can text friends too. I don't use the camera feature much, simply because that's what I have a digital camera for! I use the plain jane ring tone because if it doesn't SOUND like a phone, I won't recognize it when it's ringing! I have it set to also vibrate when it rings, so that I can feel it in my pocket when I'm working. I would advise anyone to get a fully-fitted phone cover for it, otherwise the screens will get scratched up. It is supposedly capable of being used as an MP3 player, with a micro SD card, which does not come with the phone, and which I'm not that desperate to add. I listen to music on the radio in my car on my way to work and back, and that's pretty much it. It is also supposedly capable of Bluetooth, which I have only used one time, to connect to a friend's phone. It did connect, but it requires a little knowledge to use that feature easily. Problems I have had with it: Certain text and/or pix messages cause the phone to reboot, and I have had at least two messages that I could not read because the phone reboots. I don't know if this is a bug or what. It hasn't happened often enough to be much of a bother to me, as the two messages it did it on weren't of dire importance. When it is in my pocket, I hear it asking for a voice command. Must be a certain side button that accidently gets pushed. Sometimes it takes pictures of the inside of my pocket, which isn't much of a problem---I just delete them. The lock feature only locks the MP3 buttons on the front screen, not the side buttons. It has been known to completely freeze up, sort of like a Windows PC, and you have to take the battery out and then turn it back on to get it to work again. I've had this happen during various activities on the phone, setting alarms, viewing text messages, and attempting to access my account online with the phone. All in all, it is an average phone for the average user. If you are a user who wants better features, such as a nicer camera with a flash, or less hassle, please look at a different phone. If you just want a basic phone with basic features, go for it!

Westmoreland, TN


Simple but great


I chuckled a little when I read the other reviews.  Yes the phone is outdated.  It doesn't have the capabilities of today's newer phones.  The pictures aren't very good at all and the sound quality of music is not good.  However, this phone has been making its rounds with my family members for about 4 years, I believe.  My husband started with it when it was new and free with his plan.  Now I have it because all I want out of a phone is to talk and text.  It does just that, and it does it well.  I can hear people plainly.  I don't usually lose calls, and the text buttons still work great.  None of the letters have ceased working like they have in previous phones.  The battery even still holds a charge for several days.  So maybe I'm not a good person to review this.  I have a phone to keep in touch with my family.  Sometimes I look at the clock.  For that, it does a very very excellent job.  Even the crappy pictures it takes are pretty darn good for a phone.

Dallas, GA


I hate this phone!!!!


I got this phone because it did not cost me anything since I was due for an upgrade. I loved it at first. It was easy to text on. However, the more I used it the worse it got. The camera was really really bad. The picture was super grainy. I had a better camera on my older phone. The touch buttons on the front would just stay lit up for no apparent reason. If you punched on then they all lit up. It was extremely bad about taking photos ibn my pocket. The final straw for me with this phone was that it would just lock up and automatically shut itself off. I would be in the middle of a call and the entire phone would just freeze. The only way to get it to unlock was to pull the battery out. Even after taking it and supposedly getting software upgrades on the phone, the thing still kept locking up and causing me a huge headache. When it came time to renew, I gladly got rid of this phone because it is the worst phone.

Charlotte, TN


I hate the samsung sch-u550


i think the samsung-u550 is not worth the money you have to pay for it. the outside keys do not stay locked. you hear this annoying beep anytime anything comes near the front of the phone and constantly beeps if you have it in your pocket when the outside keys are unlocked. the phone does not record the correct time in the missed calls log. the ring tones that are preloaded in the phone when you get it are horrible and not very loud. the camera is crappy as well.

Jackson, MI


Samsung - sch-u550 Cell Phone

2.3 4