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Samsung - SCH- Cell Phone

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Great Starter Phone


This phone is great for a starter phone but, I have had it for almost a year and the screen is starting to go bad. There is black in both bottom corners and it is slowly starting to get bigger. But, overall it is a good phone for a beginner. I would recommend this phone to someonje who wants a cell phone and it would save money on buying a phone that you might not need everything that it does. This way you are getting a good cheap phone and once you have had it for a while you will be able to find out the phone that you would want that does just what you need it to do and nothing more. that way you are truely paying for a phone that you are going to get your money out of.

Phelps, NY


great simple phone


At the same time it introduced the EV-DO,verizon wireless,also gave us a lower-end alternative with the Samsung SCH-U340. Equipped with a VGA camera, a speakerphone, and basic messaging features, the SCH-U340 lacks fancier offerings like a music player, Bluetooth, and even a wireless Web browser. Except for the speakerphone, call quality was decent and the design is easy to use, but also a bit dull. If you're looking for a handset for making calls but still want to have some camera phone fun, the SCH-U340 isn't a bad buy.

Granada Hills, CA


Samsung SCH ok model, but bad battery life


I have had the Samsung SCH-u340 for a couple of years. When we first bought it we found the battery life to be horrible, even with a new battery. The phone needed to be charged almost nightly, where our other Verizon phone only needed to be charged every few days. The time spent charging wasn't long but I was still annoyed at how frequently it would have to be charged. I also worried in case there was an emergency and we would be without power for a few days, as our phone would be unusable. We switched our number to a different, older phone, but when that model broke and we would have to pay for a new phone, we decided to get this phone out again. The phone fulfills all of our basic needs, as we rarely use the built-in camera or even text messaging. Yet, the battery life is still a weak point on this phone. I would not recommend this phone to others, mainly for the battery life issue, a major inconvenience. We will be replacing this model whenever we enter into a new contract.  

Indianapolis, IN


The samsung phone is the best!


The Samsung Sch-u340 is a phone that is cheap and simple to use. I dunked mine in water and it still worked. I also dropped mine a lot and it still worked. it was amazing. There is no other phone like it. I had mine for one year. The minutes are cheap and it does not cost a lot like other phones and plans. I hate the phones that are on plans and that is why I decided to go with the prepaid Verizion phone. it is one of a kind and it is a flip phone. It has a camera and speaker phone and all that jazz.

Jamestown, TN


What do you expect for free!


Migrated to Verizon from my local phone company and received a free phone of equal value to my old phone for going with Verizon. Note: My old phone was 4 years old, so I received the cheapest phone Verizon had for free, which is the samsung u340. My husband also received a free phone to match! When the phones were activated, the Verizon network must have been busy, because no one was there. My husband has to go half way up the parking lot at work to get service. This phone is poor quality! My family thinks I am losing my hearing because I can not hear them! When someone sends me a picture, it is a game to figure out what the picture is. We basically use these phones for texting. Great texting with this phone! I suggest pay a little more for a better quality phone, unless you just want to text.

Des Moines, IA


Samsung SCH-340 is simple and durable, but slow when texting.


My Samsung SCH-U340 has been through a lot, but it still works like new. I am not gentle with my phones, but Samsung can stand up to the abuse I deal out. My first phone was an earlier Samsung model that lasted for almost 4 years. My new Samsung is on the path to lasting as long. It is a simple phone, but it has all of the necessary features. It has a camera, alarm, and calendar. In addition to calls and texting, this is all I use the phone for. It also has internet access and the ability to download ringtones and games. It is not too large, but not so miniscule that you hit three buttons instead of one. My one complaint is the texting abilities. I text often and am a fairly quick texter. I use the ABC mode rather than Word. The phone is unable to keep up with my keystrokes. It often misses my space or moving the cursor over. I have had to slow down my texting, but with my busy lifestyle being reminded to slow down once in a while is not such a bad thing. Overall, I love the simplicity and durability of the Samsunch SCH-U340.

Colorado Springs, CO


I think samsung needs to work on this phone cause it has issues.


My son bought me this phone for my birthday. I was very happy to get it since my phone that i had for four years literal died on me. All and all it is a nice phone but it seems to have a time issue with calling out on the phone. By the time i make a call i hear them asking whose calling due to it takes time to hear who ever is on the other side of the call. Also i place it on silents mode due to my job but when i try to call out while in silence mode whoever i'm calling can hear me but i can't seem to hear them so they end up hanging up on me. The side buttons are to sensitively that when i hold the phone i turn on the speaker or the camera or low the volume without even trying. I think that that company should call them back or check to see what they can do with either the molding of the phone or the electronic system that is causing the delays in the calls. I hope that because it didn't pay for a refurb that is just fixed or made to work below the standards that Sam-sung is know for in their products.

El Paso, TX


samsung sch-u340 is a very good phone


i just to say that i am very happy with my cell phone it is the best phone that i have ever had since i started using cell phones. and it has the best features that i can ask for when is come to a real good phone. and i also want to tell what type of phone it is. its a samsung sch-u340

Houston, TX


simple camera phone


This is a simple flip phone that has the capability to take pictures. The pictures aren't high quality but you can zoom in and out. It can't play videos or record them. There is no blue tooth or mp3 built in. I had this phone until I got an iphone for christmas. This phone felt ancient to me because although I could access the internet all I was very limited in its use. I couldn't listen to music or watch videos and felt left out. The phone is very easy to operate and you can talk on the phone while its charging. Here is a major problem there are little prongs on the bottom of the phone where you plug the charger in to charge the phone. These prongs are easy to bend and it they become too bent you won't be able to charge your phone again. I actually had to have a spare discounted samsung 340 that I got from a friend that I had to use to keep my phone charge. My prongs were far too bent and wouldn't charge without me having to set it at a wierd angle and if the charger moved a hair it stopped charging the phone. It got harder and harder to find just the right angle. So I got the spare from put it on the charger and kept switching out the batteries as needed. If you're looking for a phone to just talk and text  check your email and snap an occassional picture this is the phone for you.

Chattanooga, TN


Good for pictures and calls but could be better


                **Samsung U340 Cell Phone**           There are so many cell phones and cellular companies out there now that it is hard to decide what phone and what company to choose from. When I first got a cell phone they did not have all the camera phones and texting was too much money to do that all the time. So I just decided to change it all. So Iwaited for the time to upgrade my account.            When it came due I went and looked at a few of them and settled for the U 340 cell phone by Samsung. The brochure was not informative enough right from the beginning. It did not tellyou that there was no access to the internet for one thing and it only had limited capabilities. It would only hold so many pictures and text messages. If you wanted to save a lot of things you had to hook up to a computer to take it off and save it.            Well in the first two days the phone quit on me and they did not want to replace it so I was gonna change companies. So after going through four of these phones I gave up and had to have my other phone added back on. They are ok if you just need a contact phone or some texting ,and pictures,but you would have to load the pictures in a computer to save them.the battery had a low life time as well. I would not recommend it unless you just wanted a cheap phone to call on or a quick picture.

Zirconia, NC


Samsung - SCH- Cell Phone

3.0 17