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Samsung - S760 Digital Camera

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Samsung S660 is an economical camera


The camera is very rewarding for a great price. It is a reliable camera with great quality photographs. It had many features that I really enjoyed besides the great seven point two megapixle and three times optical zoom. I had a fun time taking pictures of myself with it's self taking timer. It would take a picture after 2 seconds, after 10 seconds, take a picture after it stopped detecting motion, and a timer that took after 10 seconds and then 2 seconds after the 10 seconds (this is the one I liked the most and used the most) The only reason I am not using this camera anymore is because I was taking some awesome pictures of our canoe trip, we tipped over, and my zip-lock bag wasn't sealed good enough. I worked with it for many days -taking the camera a-part and allowing the pieces to dry- it did end up working again really good, but after a month it quit working again, probably because the sediments dried up in it and it needed to be cleaned again. But it was a reliable camera for 3 years. The only complaint I had was that it took AA batteries and even with using the energizer-rechargable ones, they still didn't hold power as long as I liked and it was a hastle to keep some charged batteries with me.

Seneca, MO


Samsung S760 Digital Camera Takes Great Pictures


I got this camera for two reasons: my pictures of my daughter and my eBay business. I can say that after 6 months of having it I am still impressed. I am not a professional photographer in no right but consider my pictures to be of good quality. This is my second digital camera that I have owned. The view screen is a perfect size to see your pictures as you take them and all of the onscreen help guide has been a huge help for me to take great photos. The camera is just the right size to fit well in your hands when you are focusing the camera for a shot. It also offers a movie function that allows you to take video shots that can be uploaded to your computer. The zoom is all the zoom a hobbiest would need to take daily pictures. The only con that I have is when the memory card is in, the batteries run down faster. I would definately suggest rechargable batteries for this camera. I would, however, recommend this to others.

Millington, TN


Samsung - S760 Digital Camera

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