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Samsung - S1030 Digital Camera

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Samsung digital camera, Wonderful luxury


This device is definitely a great one. There is so much to love about it. It's got clear pictures. Easy ways to upload the pictures and videos to the internet. It also comes in wonderful colors! I recommend this camera even if you already have one because it's got something that your current camera doesn't. Style, quality, and a long life span. If you don't like changing batteries, no problem. Just get one that charges by a computer or an electrical outlet. This Samsung camera, like most Samsung products was actually made with the customer in mind. Take this when traveling. If you are very photgenic, take all the pictures you want. If you love making silly videos with your friends, have all the fun you want. This camera can do much more than take pictures and videos. You can use the many landscape options, zoom, self timer, and save your favorites. This is a camera you never want to miss out on. It fits all of your needs no matter what age you. It will have you snapping pictures and videos all over the place!


High Point, NC


Only will buy Samsung, just the best ever


I just love it, best thing is , it is so easy to use, you get free on line help 24 horus, I have always bought Samsung products and will not buy anything else, I have droped it, got it wet, and it still works great quality!!


Poughkeepsie, NY


Out of the 20 cameras i've owned the Samsung-1030 is the BEST!!!


I've had several severrrall digital cameras ever since I was about 12 years old. I had about 10 different Kodak cameras and updated to the new version every six months to a year.        I would have to defintly recommend the Samsung - 1030 Digital Camera for the first time user to the advanced user looking for a new toy. This camera comes in several different colors, i chose red. Its sleek and small and comes with many different options such as the case holder and wrist strap which makes the camera able to stay by your side at all times so you can grab and snap a memory in about 2 seconds or less. It has a built in MP3 player you can put music on to so it doubles as a music player as well. You can also use the Video mode to capture those times that just a one snap picture won't be enough. But say you won't a picture from the video clip you can actually use the camera itself to cut a picture out of the video and save it on the camera without even having to upload it on to your computer or anything. This camera comes with many options for your picture size, quality and even color like Black and white, sepia and so on. I would defintly buy this camera again but theres no need to I have had it 2+ years and havent had to spend extra money every six months to get a new one.   


Jacksonville, FL


Samsung - S1030 Digital Camera

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