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SCH U960
Samsung Rogue SCH-U960 Cell Phone

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SCH-U960 is a great touch screen w/keyboard phone


I fell in love with touch screen after playing with this phone in a verizon store.  I was looking at a few other touch screens but their downfall was their touch screen keyboards.  I played with a few of the touch screen keyboards but I found them harder to use; had to touch letter multiple times or touch it in an exact spot or get the letter next to it. I like the size, it's a little bigger than my previous phones but with all the features it offers it's worth it.  I like how the keyboard just slides out the side, Ive never had any trouble with that. I also like how it's not too bulky, I think its closer to the slim side. I like that you can use a regular headphone set with this phone, my previous phones needed to have only the one that came with or  a special one that usually was so expensive.


San Antonio, TX


Samsung Rogue, a very decent phone


So far, my experience with the Samsung Rogue has been pretty good. I originally purchased one, and only two weeks later, it was shutting off compulsively. I took it back to Verizon to ask if the Rogue were seriously this bad, but they said they had never seen that before and were very willing to give me a new one. This is the only reason the Rogue slightly scares me because I'm not quite sure if this is actually a common fault with the phone or if it honestly were just a fluke with my own. Upon getting the second Rogue, though, I've had no problems, and it's worked quite well. The keyboard is great and easy for texting, and the touchscreen works fine. I've accidentally dropped it once or twice, and nothing was harmed in that, so I'd say it's also decently durable. Another awesome factor is the internet. It's great to be able to go online just to check something quickly on the go. It's a great feature that's easy to use, and the internet doesn't lag at all. In essence, it's a great phone.


Clinton Township, MI


I love this phone!!!!


I absolutely love my phone.  When I first got my phone, I was a little overwhelmed due to the fact that I was so used to a basic phone.  The longer I have my phone, the more I love about it.  I find new features all the time.  And the durability is great. My phone and I are accident prone, it has withstood being dropped, played with by my kids and even dropped in the toilet.  I thought my phone was done for after dropping it in water, the screen was all flickery and fading in and out, and it sounded horrible, but I put it in a bag of rice for a few days, and you would never know.  The touchscreen and everything work. Just recently I learned that it can be used as a modem by teethering it to your computer to get internet. I am excited to try it.  I love the screen size and the touchscreen with the slideout keyboard.  The buttons are not too tiny, and it is easy to use. It is also very fast and doesn't hesitate.   I also love that it gets extremely good reception and has tuns of features for such a small phone.  It stores MP3s, is a modem, has apps built in, and does all the things a normal phone does. I love my phone.


Arcanum, OH


The Rogue is not that rugged


Overall I like the Samsung Rogue.  It allows me to receive my email, it has a slide out qwerty keyboard, and it has the touchscreen feature that I wanted.  At times the touchscreen doesn't work as well as it should.  You have to push on it a little to make it work.  It has all of the basic features you expect from a cell phone. The speakerphone is nice and loud which is great considering most phones have crappy speakerphones.  It comes with a cool dice game where you shake the phone to roll the dice and the phone vibrates and makes noise.  My kids love this game it keeps them busy when in need.  However, it is a little too bulky and I don't like that you can't do several things at once.  An example would be talking on the phone and looking up your calendar.  This would be a very needed feature that should be added.  One thing to note is this phone is notorious for having problems.  Most everyone I know that has one has owned several due to malfunctioning issues.  Samsung happily replaces your phone with another since it is usually still under warrenty when something happens. 


Raleigh, NC


Samsung Rogue


The Samsung Rogue was the first 'smart phone' for my husband and I. We do not regret this decision at all! The keyboard is great for texting quickly. My husband typically complains about not being able to text on most phones because of how the buttons are...but he says that this phone makes it very easy. I love the feature that you can have your texts sort by conversation. It makes it very nice when someone doesn't text you back right away - you know what they are talking about! The camera is not bad. If I wanted a high resolution photo, I would use my nice camera. The only complaint about the camera is that it takes FOREVER to take a picture. It makes it very hard to take a picture of anything that has the potential to move!  :) The sound quality is great. I sometimes [but rarely] get an echo in the earpiece. But, I believe it's more of a connection thing. If I hang up and call someone back, it usually is not there any more. We need access to email for work, and this phone does the trick! The email doesn't forward to the phone instantly - sometimes there's a 15 minute or so delay, but that is okay with me.


Dayton, OH


My husband loves his phone!


My husband has had this phone for a year now and he really likes it. This is his first smart phone and he has to admit he doesn't use the "smart" part of it very often. It's not difficult to use to get on the internet but it's tedious to navigate the sites with such a small screen. He likes being able to have all his text message conversations together -he doesn't have to go between his sent file and inbox to read past messages and his responses. The camera works well - he's used it a lot. It has a light that works like a flash and that's helpful in low light situations. He hasn't taken much video but likes the fact that he can if he chose to. The touch screen works pretty well - he hasn't had any problems with it. He's also been very happy with the voice quality. He hasn't experienced any dropped calls. He purchased a hard body glove cover for it and it's been protected from scratches or other damage. He likes the QWERTY keyboard a lot and texts a lot now. Oh, and kids think the dice game included on it is awesome!


Marion, IA


love my phone


I love my Samsung Rogue cell phone. We bought our first one for our daughter for a christmas present and while playing with it to set it up for her, I fell in love with this phone. Needless to say I had my own within a month! This phone has everything- touch screen with a slide out keyboard for texting. It also is a still shot camera and a video recorder. I will say that the still shots do  come out great, however the video quality is not the best, but for a "tween" this was just fine. It also has lots of ways to customize your phone to have it just like you want it. It also easily connects online to facebook, or just to check your e-mail account. The quality of the touchscreen is awesome as well. I also like that the contacts feature is so personalized, as you can put all their information like address, date of birth, all  phone numbers not just one and a picture as well, so it doubles for my new address book.


Kansas City, MO


I like the Samsung Rogue very much.


This is a great little phone. It takes nice pictures. It has a very big screen. It has mobile web and a querty slide open full keyboard. Also mini sd compartment. There are a lot of different cases available for this phone too, which is fun. I would definitely recommend this phone.


Lansing, MI


Samsung Rogue "What a great phone!"


The Samsung Rogue is so far the best phone I've had. It's simple, lightweight, and durable. What I really love about this phone is the QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is really easy to use and is meant for people who like to text or fast texters. The only downsides to this phone are that sometimes it freezes if you try to do too many things at once and that it will reset on it's own. Other than that, it's a pretty great phone. I recommend this phone to people who like simple phones and that text a lot.


Elmwood Park, IL


The Samsung Rogue is ok


When I first got this phone I loved it. It was my first smartphone with internet and other new functions and compared to what I was previously using it is great. However, there are several things I've since realized that this phone lacks. My number one complaint is that you can't download or add applications like you can to the iphone or android phones. Also, I've had problems with it occasionally freezing or turning off on me and I have to reset it by pulling the battery out. I also don't like that the volume of the speakerphone is really quiet so I am rarely able to use the speakerphone if I'm somewhere with background noise (like in the car, around my kids, etc). But overall it's a decent phone and I do like the keyboard feature.


Sandy, UT


Samsung Rogue SCH-U960 Cell Phone

3.9 38