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Samsung - Rival 2 Cell Phone

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Totally Awesome!!!


**I completely Love my Samsung Rival 2. It is totally Awesome. I flip it open like a regular flip phone to talk on it. I close it & I flip it up to use it like a key board the other way to send tex messages. On the key board there is a button on the bottom left hand corner. I press this button to change the key board to letters, to numbers, to symbols then again for more symbols. It is so easy to use. Some of my friends bought the LG Envy. They have complained about easily breaking the keys that are on the face of the Envy. I don't have that problem, because all of the keys on the Samsung Rival 2 are protected insude the phone lasting longer. Having a keyboard in my phone has made texing a lot faster. Just having to press one button to change the keyboard to letters, to numbers, to symbols has made using texing fast & easy. I Love it. The sound is clear & the picture capability is amazing. I was surprised with how loud my ringers are & how perfectly clear the speaker is. I took my Samsung Rival 2 to a show & I recorded with the camcorder, a part of the opening act. My friends were surprised at how clear the video came out. I have shown off my Samsung Rival 2 over & over & I highly recommend anyone buying this cell phone. **

West Richland, WA


Samsung - Rival 2 Cell Phone

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