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Samsung Restore Cell Phone

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Great phone for basic online features.


I really like this phone. It's not a touch screen. For me with children always around, touch screen is not ideal. I can check my mail, facebook, get directions, surf the net, check the weather wherever I am. I love the slide out keyboard. It's great for typing whether it's for texts or emails. It's not fancy but works great and has many useful apps already installed. Performance No complaints. Voice Quality I've never had problem within the last two years I have owned it. Battery Life I charge it about every two days. I frequently check my email and go on facebook. I only drain the battery when I use the navigation for a long time. Durability I have dropped this phone multiple times, still works great. Doesn't even have many scratches.

Houston, TX


Fun and easy to use slider phone.


This is my first slider phone and I have to say I've been enjoying it immensely. Easy to use and very stylish. It's great for texting, and that's the real reason I got this type of phone. The only real problem I've had with it is a sorta sucky battery life. Even when it's not doing anything for long period of times it seems to suck up battery life. The camera on it isn't too bad but the pictures only look great on the phone, once off the quality is quite a bit less. It also has some other great functions if you wanted to use this as a media player, all you have to do is upload songs or video to it make use of it. Overall if you're looking for a great texting phone, I highly recommend this one.

Ypsilanti, MI


Samsung Restore Cell Phone

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