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Samsung RF197AC (18 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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The Best type for me


it does the Job for a lot of time. this haves a long service life.






The water dispenser is inside the fridge. It can leak. I encounter problems with this issue immediately after purchase. Another problem I encounter is how delicate the French doors are, if they are closed too fast, the middle tab can come off track and its hard to repair unless your tech takes care of it. To clean spills that run into groves its also a challenge. When trying to order a part, it didn't come with installation instructions and the manual didn't address the issue either. Overall its a nice fridge, just seems to be very gentle with the doors. Noise Level It is pretty quiet. I really like the alarm that alerts you when the doors are left open. Interior Organization I have a problem getting tall items in it, without having to consider taking a shelve out. Temperature Control A built in thermostat to show the actual temperature in the fridge and freezer would be nice. Ease of Cleaning Taking the shelves apart was somewhat complicated. Durability We had owned this fridge since 2008. The only issues we had were the water tube that leaked and the small tab attached to the left French door coming of track Design I really like the freezer that has a double drawer.




Lots of room, not much else to be impressed with.


My husband and I purchased this refrigerator to upgrade from the teeny tiny one that came with the house, and chose it because of the bottom freezer as well as roomy interior. This thing is MASSIVE and the room inside reflects that. I can fit a lot of food in here and there are a few options for the location of drawers/shelves, so I can easily put large pans or party platter inside with no issue. The doors have deep shelves as well, I can easily fit multiple cartons of milk just on the doors alone. Our only issue, that we received no help with because it happened just days after our 1 year warranty expired, is that there is water leaking into the drawers, and only during warm weather. It is disappointing to spend so much on a big fancy fridge to have a silly issue a year later, especially one that threatens the safety of some of my most expensive food purchases, fruits and vegetables. I personally wouldn't recommend this model to anyone.


Waterford, CT


Samsung RF197AC (18 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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