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Samsung - PN58A760 Television

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It's Okay


I have had this TV for two years now. It wasn't a choice of ours we just ended up with it. It does have a great picture and very good sound. That's the only good I have to say about this television though. So I ended up with the tv and a Samsung blu ray player and the remotes were similar, a few subtle differences, and then I found it that both remotes worked on both devices. The biggest problem I have with this tv is yes it has a internet interface to stream television, it's awful and very slow and good luck trying to get it in and out of the apps without it taking forever. Another bad thing is when I found out it was a smart tv I assumed that it was WiFi compatible, and I was very wrong. I hooked it up for a very short time with a Ethernet cord. I ended up unhooking it because I hated seeing the wiring and the interface was awful anyway. The last bad thing about this tv is during the day the glare is so bad it is almost impossible to watch during the day. That's why I keep this TV in my bedroom because I only watch it at night. If those issues aren't a big deal to you then you're fine, but for me it is a big problem and I wouldn't recommend this TV to anyone.



Samsung - PN58A760 Television

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