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Samsung Notebook PC

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Great netbook for the price


I bought this netbook about 3 months ago. My intention for buying this netbook was general websurfing, paying bills, reading emails etc. I do not play games on my laptop or desktop and was not willing to pay extra for features that I wasn't going to use. Samsung netbook was a great buy in it's category. The netbook is great. It has a small screen size of 10.1 inches but I generally hook it up to my larger LCD screen. The graphics are good and it has a decent size hard drive capacity. I also upgraded the RAM to 2 GB since it originally came with only 1 GB. RAM is cheap so it's not a major upgrade. I think this is a great buy for the price and if you are doing general web surfing, checking emails etc. then this is a good product. Technology changes very quickly and it doesn't make sense to invest too much money in a computer that would be outdated in six months time anyways. I would highly recommend this netbook to my friends.


Farmington, MI


Samsung is leader in Netbooks


The Samsung n150 is a great netbook for the price. Samsung is coming out on top in electronics with their reliabiltiy and just knowing how to make a good product. This samsung netbook has 250gb hard drive which is a good size for the use of a netbook. You can also buy an external hard drive if you need the extra space. The processor runs smooth and no issues have ever come up. The keyboard is laid out nice even for a small netbook. The screen displays very clearly even to watch movies on. The mouse is very easy to use and there are no sensitivity issues. The netbook is very light and has a nice red black finish. Samsung is going to be quickly expanding their computer line if they keep making them like this. This samsung netbook has good speakers for the size of it also that dont sound like an old clock radio. I highly recommend Samsung computers and the Samsung n150 for any one looking for a netbook.


Chapel Hill, NC


It's an okay netbook


This is my first netbook ever and will probably never get another netbook anytime in the future. It seems to be only useful for checking email and web surfing. I already do those things on my ipod touch with ease. So what's the point of a netbook? Well, there are some nice features this netbook has that an ipod touch or an ipad don't have such as a built-in card reader, webcam, and usb ports that can charge multiple devices like your phone, psp, gps, etc. Also, the battery life is pretty good.  The feature I use most is the card reader because I use alot of microsd cards to upload a bunch of files like pictures and video. It works flawlessly and it accepts the most popular card types.  Overall, I'n not sure if I would recommend this. This netbook is designed for basic tasks so if you're someone who occasionally surfs the web and check email then it would work well for that purpose. IMO, I would skip getting a netbook. It doesn't have much purpose for me. 


Burlington, MA


Just as good as NC-10


I'll admit that I was a huge Samsung NC-10 fan and wouldn't think that another netbook would come anwhere close to how great it was. Well, Samsung of course proved me wrong.  They introduced this nice little upgrade to the NC-10 which I really like!  They've improved the trackpad, bundled Windows 7, and even have it come in 3 colors now being blue, red, and black!!  It really works just as good as the NC-10 and some models sold overseas now even permit Bluetooth as well!  It's a really sold performer that is under 3 lbs (by definition of a netbook) and is light as a feather to carry.  They keyboard is still 93% size and has the same great look and feel that the NC-10 offered.  For the price that's being offered, you can't beat this laptop and I'm still amazed that Samsung can sell them for so cheap.  Stay away from HP, Dell, and Acer since they don't give you nearly as much to what Samsung is offering here.  


Newark, DE


Samsung Notebook PC

4.0 4