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Samsung Notebook PC

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great little netbook for emailing


This samsung netbook is perfect for someone just wanting to get online and surf around or send some emails. I bought this for my daughter for her high school work last year. It is holding up good, haven't had an major issues with it. It works good for typing notes in class and emailing them. There is not alot of internal memory and no cd drive. We use USB memory sticks to tranfer the info back to my home computer to print for her. There is no phone jack, so  only works on Wi Fi. Everything you need has to be downloaded, like software, drivers, etc. It is a very lightweight netbook, easy to carry around, and easy to use. I have no complaints about manufacturing, it is very sturdy. I just wish I had asked more questions and knew more about it before I bought it for her schooling. Going to try to get an external hard drive and see if it will work with it. That will make loading software so much easier. Overall it's great!


Ocklawaha, FL


nice, compact, good for surfing web


I bought this little netbook at Christmas day for my wife.  The only reason I bought it is because of the price (roughly about 240 including shipping and rebate).  I was contemplating waiting for the new atom processor but it is such a low price that I cannot pass it on.  Besides, technology changes everyday; it is like a dog chasing a truck.  You will never get the latest unless you are will to pay a premium. Pro: Small, compact, sleek-looking, long battery life (roughly 5-6 hours with 6-cell battery), wireless n, spacious keyword, very nice screen (non-reflecting), nice partition for hard-drive recovery system Con: Speaker located at the front bottom of netbook which means volume is very low (you will have to use earphone), slow when burning dvd (it is not built for computer power).  I tried to do a complete backup and spend like 2.5 hours to burn the information on 2 DVDs. Overall, a good, little netbook for going online and watch movies if you have a headphone.


Kendall Park, NJ


Samsung Notebook PC

4.0 2