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Samsung Mono Laser Printer

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I am printer saturated! I have not only an HP wide format DeskJet, and an HP color laserjet, and, I recently purchased this Samsung. This little printer is a whiz-it's fast, the toner cartridge seems to last forever, and best of all, it has a toner saving feature.  The best part is that there is no visible difference in the print out when the toner saver is on.  I print huge amounts of reports (I went through a ream and a half of paper last week!) and this is simply the best printer I have ever used.  It's only drawback is that it is a little noisy-just before it starts to print, it sounds like the sound effect in Space Cadet pinball.  Don't let that deter you if you need to replace a printer or simply need a black & white laser printer--this one is relatively inexpensive and it's a great product.

Austin, TX


Slim, easy to use


I got this cheapy ml2510 a long time ago with a rebate.  Printer has served me well.  Long lasting and durable. Pros: fast printing, good quality prints.  I buy cheap refills to use on ebay.  it's pretty much a jar of powder and you can refill the cartridge inside.  My dad buys the original inks and they are incredibly expensive.  Usually I will just refill for him if I am at home.  The build is pretty solid, does not overheat.  I've dropped it before and it will works fine.  The tray will fold up into a nice little cube. Cons: paper trays get jammed sometimes.  The printer ink sometimes will smear a little if you don't let it dry.  USB printer so have to connect a wire.  It does take a little time to warm up.  No color printing, no copier, no scanner.  Read my review for epson 610 if you want a multifunctional printer. Summary: This printer has served me well for while I was in school and I had to print out tons and tons of lectures.  But now that i'm mostly done with school I find myself wanting color printing and better print quality.  Check out the epson 610

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Died after a year of casual use.


I really wish I'd tried to get an extended warranty on this one, and urge you to do so as well.. it died almost as soon as the warranty was over. Very annoying how many products tend to do that. Some other downsides- the unit is very bulky and a sort of awkward shape. This could be a product of the times though and this one is just outclassed. Paper jams happened at least once a month and required one to open up the unit to fix. I was happy for the most part with this printer though, obtained it at a very good price and was my first foray into laser printers. We generally print articles at my house and are never going back to inkjet again. Speed of printing is blazing fast to the point where cancelling printing jobs can be impossible. Be careful.



Excellent value for the money!


When I purchased this I receive a very large rebate, but if I had to buy this now with no rebate I would. This is my first laser printer, so I only have inkjets to go by, but this printer prints incredibly fast. It prints so fast sometimes I think it didn't print, but it always does.As pointed out in another review, it is a bit noisy when starting out, but it prints so quick it doesn't really bother you.The ML2510 has very good features for the money:You can print multiple pages per side (up to 16 pages)Duplex printing (manual)1200 dpi resolutionToner saver modeAnd for extras it has a Watermark and Overlay feature.The only other small negative besides the noise is the small feed tray.At only 250 sheets, I think it should be a ream (500 sheets), but it definitely isn't a deal breaker.

Saint Paul, MN


Samsung Mono Laser Printer

3.8 4