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Samsung Microwave Oven MW880

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The no-brainer microwave


Microwaves seem simple, but they can be ridiculously frustrating: makes the food too hot or leaves it frozen, inconsistently heats food or takes way to long to cook it.  Thankfully I don't have to worry about all of that because I have the easiest to use, most reliable and most effective microwave (of course I didn't know all this when I bought it, I just grabbed the cheapest namebrand microwave I could find).  Other than avoiding all the problems of other microwaves I've own (see above), this microwave has a great feature - pretimed options.  When I want to cook popcorn all I have to do is hit the preset button once - to the "popcorn" option, and voila - I have perfectly cooked popcorn every time (and the same goes for baked potatoes and frozen dinners).  The preset options even stop and tell you to flip the food (when appropriate)!  It takes all the thinking out of nuking food and guaruntees your microwaveable delicacies are cooked just the way you like them.

Santa Fe, NM


Samsung Microwave Oven MW880

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