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Samsung Microwave Oven

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This Samsung Microwave Oven has not let us down!


We have only had this Samsung Microwave Oven for a few months now, but so far we have not had any problems with it. This microwave has a great capacity and can hold quite a bit more food than some of the other, smaller microwaves we have had in the past. It also cooks everything really quickly and evenly. I don't know how many times, with other microwaves, I have put a frozen dinner in multiple times only to learn that the center of the meal is still frozen. This microwave also comes with some settings already programmed for certain kinds of meals or food(i.e. Popcorn, reheat meal, frozen meal, etc.) which wind up saving a ton of time and really do get the food cooked just like we like it. I would recommend this Samsung Microwave Oven to anyone looking for a new microwave!

San Diego, CA


Makes cooking quick and easy


The Samsung, MW7490W has made my life easier, when it comes to cooking. For defrosting frozen dinners & snacks, it is simple and quick. Cooking is easy as there are many power selections to choose from. The turntable feature inside allows for even browning & cooking. Especially on those days when feeling rushed, this microwave helps me get ny cooking done quickly and easily. Clean up is simple, as the turntable is removable, glass and plastic & cleans easily. I recommend this microwave highly.

Tampa, FL


Samsung Microwave Oven

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