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Samsung Microline ML1740 Laser Printer

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[Samsung ML1740 Printer] Easy, simple printer for all your needs


They say that something works well when you don't have to think about it working. That's what I can say I about my trusty, reliable Samsung ML1740 Laser Printer. It just works. I love the speed of the printing and the versatility to have the feeder on the front plate. I can just feed in some used paper and recycle it for printing again. Can't tell you how that feels to help the environment too. Obviously, this doesn't have the fancy duplex or color printing that newer printers have, but it's more than plenty for black and white prints. Plus, the huge bonus is hte cost savings for laser printer cartridges. You get soooo many more prints per cartridge compared to inkjet. So if you're looking for a printer that will last long and suit your black and white needs, then you won't be disappointed with this Samsung laser printer.

Austin, TX


The 1740 is a good home budget laser printer.


I bought the ML-1740 to replace a traditional inkjet printer and I will never go back to ink. Laser printers in general are faster, cleaner, and cheaper in the long run and this model is no exception. The text printing quality of the printer is just as good as you'll get anywhere else which is the main reason you'd be buying it. Since there is no color, this is obviously not a printer for photos. I've never even tried. It prints and it works with XP, Vista, and Windows 7. I've used it through all three. There are some issues that people should be aware of before they buy, however. Once in a while when I plug it in to my PC, it will spin up for a very long time. I don't think it's warming up or anything, it just runs and runs until I unplug it and plug it back in. There's also something on the inside that mangles papers once in a while. I have no idea what it is but I have to reprint things on a semi-regular basis. It's also very heavy for what it is and the paper tray is a bit awkward. The bottom of the printer is the tray and that can make using it on less than hard surfaces a little hard. It's a budget printer though and all in all I've been very happy. The driver used to be an issue but the Samsung Universal Print Driver has made that a breeze.

Fredericksburg, VA


The Samsung Microline ML1740 Laser Printer is Reliable.


The Samsung Microline ML1740 laser printer is a reliable and good investment. It will last a long time when properly cared for. The toner replacements are not too expensive, however this printer does streak as the toner cartridge becomes almost empty. The paper feed typically doesn't have any issues, and the paper drawer holds plenty of paper. As it gets older it may have some squeaks in the paper feeder as it prints. There aren't too many buttons and settings, so it is very simple and easy to use. The printing resolution is very good at 600 dpi. This product is very easy to set up. Sometimes it does have a slow response, and it may take a few minutes before printing. It should not be placed in an enclosed area, with other obejects on top of it for instance, as it can become overheated. Overall, for the price, this product is a good value for those who do a minimal amount of printing in the home. It would not be a good purchase for high volume printing.

Nashua, NH


Great college student printer


While this printer is not the fastest, nor the best, it is a good quality printer that will last a very long time. It is very duration over the years that I've been using it, and overall it prints pretty well. It is relatively loud (not as loud as some printers), but it does have a quiet mode that it goes into where it sits there silently until you need to use it to print some documents. The quality isn't bad. It prints pretty well and fast for its kind, but be forewarn, sometimes the darkness isn't as good as it should be. Usually this requires a shaking of the ink cartigage or a replacement. It maybe possible to fool the printer to print darker, but I never persue that idea. The ink that comes with the printer actually lasts pretty long. I was surprised considering nowadays those ink that comes with the printer only lasts for a few hundred pages. I think mine last closer to the thousands. Compare to other companies, the ink is reasonable priced, though judging how cheap the printer is, it maybe more value to just toss the printer and buy a new one (similar price).

Davis, CA


Lasting for years


We use this printer at my work and it lasts forever.  The print quality is great and paper never gets jammed in it.  The ink can be expensive but there are generics out there for an eightth of the cost.  They work just as well.  It is not loud.  The printer is fast and does a high output.  I keep it under my desk because it is very small for a laser type printer.

Redmond, WA


Samsung Microline ML1740 Laser Printer

3.8 5