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Samsung - Messager II Cell Phone

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Well in some ways it's better than the old one


I don't own this phone myself i have the previous version of it but i've had plenty of time with it sense my brother had it and passed it on to my younger sister. The phone works as it should the cam is good enough if you have the right lighting and the call quality is the same if you're in a good signal local then you should be fine with calls but that's not what this phone is all about it's about messaging. The messaging features on this phone are very good if you compare it to its former counterpart but if you was to compare it to one of the messaging phones on sprint or any other major carrier then it's just about in the same boat. There are small differences between all phone so nothing really to fret about there, the phone works as it should with most of the bells and whistles that all the rest of the messaging phones have and so i'd say if you're in the market for a messaging phone that works and has no contract i'd say go for it. P.S. all of the specs for the phone can be located on the metroPCS website or on various other sites google will probably get you the best and fastest results hope this helps :)

Los Angeles, CA


This is a sensational cell phone, I just love the Messager II !


No one uses land lines anymore. Cell phones are much more convenient. The different applications help with every day situation's. They have calculators for work, notepads for shopping and music players for when you want to relax. Such as on the Messager II .This cell phone comes with everything you could possibly want and need, a 2.0 camera, text and picture messaging, mobile email, blue-tooth, keyboard, video phone, a music player, wall papers and graphics and more! On top of that Cricket is it's carrier! Have you ever notice how hard it is to text someone? Well the Messager II has a full key board to make texting more easy.

Buffalo, NY


Samsung - Messager II Cell Phone

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