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Samsung MW1030WA 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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The Samsung MW1030WA Microwave is Reliable, Durable, Efficient


I have been using this microwave for the few years. I brought it with me to my college dormitory. It has traveled back and forth many times now, and works great even after numerous uses. When I graduate, I am bringing this microwave with me when I move into my first apartment. Settings/Features Easy to use! You can microwave your food items under their unique settings: popcorn, boil water, potato, pizza reheat, frozen dinner, and fresh vegetables. I always have delivers pizza on the weekends and often have leftovers to heat up, and the pizza reheat option has always been beneficial. Ease of Cleaning Removable turn plate for ease of cleaning Ease of Use The buttons provide ease of use; no second guessing on how to input the amount of time you want your food cooked. It also has a reminder when your food is almost ready! Durability Can withstand long travels on the road! My Samsung microwave has traveled in my car for over 30 hours to and from school and works great still! Design Looks perfect in my small dorm room, and does not take up too much space!



Samsung MW1030WA 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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