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Samsung LN22D450 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Black) (2011 Model)

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This Samsung 22" lcd tv is a litle pricier than most tv's of this size.  But it really has a lot of features and the picture quality is excellent.  My experience with Samsung tv's has been that the stand is attached to the tv when you buy it; but my son had to screw this stand onto it.  (not a big deal, it just took a few minutes)  It has what is called a connect-share jpeg input which connects to your MP 3 player, or a digital camera, which is supposed to easily connect to other electronics, but I have never used it.    It claims to have "surroundsound" digital-quality sound, but in my opinion the sound on this tv is it's only drawback - sound is not that great.  It has one HDMI input, in the back, and one PC input, also in the back.  Also, it is energy efficient; according to Samsung, it "exceeds energy stands", uses up to 30% less energy than comparable energy-efficient tvs.  I used this tv in my bedroom, but have replaced it with a 32" lcd tv, and moved this one to the kitchen, which is a very bright room.  I did have to close the blind behind the tv during the day because the picture was a little pale.  All in all, this is a terific tv.  The sound is decent (I would not call it surroundsound by any means), and it has a great picture, but be careful if you plan to use it in a bright room.

New Haven, CT


No glare, nice TV!


My husband and I bought our tv when we were dating. It's been a couple years and we still have the same tv. It does not have a glare like glass tv's do, and you can view from the side of the tv without distorting the picture. The tv picture is a soft screen, which is not child-proof and can be easily scratched if not taken care of properly. It comes with a cloth that you wet and wipe the frame of the tv with so you don't have to worry about scratches on it. It's a light tv, and not bulkly, so it can fit in a shallow entertainment center or on anything of the like. It rotates easily from side to side, and has 3 different audio/visual ports. Because the framing is a shiny black coating, dust that collected on it shows very easily so it must be cleaned often if you want a clean looking tv. Should anything sticky or dirty get on the soft picture screen of the tv, use a soft, wet washcloth to clean it without scratching it.

Liberty, PA


This Samsung TV is great!


Wow! What a great television.  I bought this television a couple of months ago and dont regret it one bit.  The picture quality is amazing!  And it has such a slim, sleek look to it.  This tv is a must have for anyone who takes watching tv as seriously as I do.  I know two people who have the exact same one.  I keep this television set in my room and fall asleep listening to extremely clear audio, not provided by other telivisions.  Just the sound the television makes when turned on and off is soothing and enjoyable.  I am so happy and thankful to have come across this tv.  I suggest this high definition television to everyone.  Dont waste your time spending much more money on other brands that claim to offer better quality.  Facts are facts, and the fact is that the Samsung LN22C450 HDTV is the best televison on shelves right now.  So go out to your local electronics store and buy one today!

Allentown, PA


Disappointing ... Samsung 22 in. HDTV-ready LCD TV


TV we chose for vacation home is certainly not the best TV we've had although Samsung products are generally very good.  Settings, especially for closed captions are much too small and directions for enlarging them don't help.

Racine, WI


The Samsung LN22C450 has served me well with bright colors


I am a college student and have had this TV for my freshman year.  It has been used daily for movies and terrible reality TV shows. Thus far, I have not had too many problems with it. It seems to have stood the test of dorm room living, and given my roommate and I very bright colors. In addition, it has a sleek design.  The simple black goes with any decor and the buttons are cleverly placed on the side, barely noticeable but still there when you need them.  I have encountered only one small issue with the television; at one point, for seemingly no reason at all, a small line appeared at the top of the screen. It concerned me for a while, but did not get in the way of watching hockey too much so I let it be. Within a week it disappeared but it has been back once since then. I'm not sure if this is a problem with all TV of this kind or just mine, but it's something to watch out for. All in all, a very good TV for a very good price!

Towanda, PA


Samsung LN22D450 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Black) (2011 Model)

3.8 5