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Samsung LCD Monitor

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Samsung computer monitors are awesome


I purchased this samsung LCD monitor model B2240w to connect to my home built PC replacing my old style CRT monitor.  This monitor is amazing.  The colors are vibrant, the monitor is very bright and easy on the eyes.  I no longer have eye strain after looking at my monitor for hours on end.  I have been in the IT industry for almost 20 years and I have experience with many brands of LCD monitors, Samsung is my current favorite for many reasons.  I like the performance (how the screen looks) I like the style (how the outside looks) I like the reliability (I never turn my computer off) and I would recommend this monitor to anyone who needs a monitor.  The native resolution of of 1680x1050 is not quite enough for watching a 1080P movie in full screen, but that is why I have a 50" TV and I do not watch movies in full screen on my computer monitor.  This resoluiton is however perfect for the screen size, you don't have to strain to look at the words on the screen, they are large enough to see froma normal viewing distance.  When the resolution gets too high on a 22" screen, the icons and text become to small to see comfortably.  This monitor has the perfect combo for normal computer use.

Reston, VA


Samsung LCD Monitor

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