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Samsung LCD Monitor

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not a good monitor


I found this monitor purchase to be a terrible decision. This monitor was very disappointing, especially since Samsung typically makes quality monitors. I attached this to my Acer 15.6" LED monitor - got 3" more. The Acer screen is the same 1366x768, so the improvement had to come from color, contrast, and what not. After comparing them for a while, I can definitely say that the Acer blows away the Samsung overall. I have a recent Sam 46" led tv, love the screen, and thought the monitor would give similar results. If you have not experienced a similar situation as I have, with nothing to compare so closely to, you probably would like this monitor. HOWEVER, I also have another 18.5 Acer monitor attached to a 13" Acer laptop, both LED, and the monitor is a definite improvement. This monitor is virtually the same size as the Samsung and by the way blows away the Samsung. So, there again, it depends on your exposure. As a last shot, the stand on the Samsung completely refused to tighten all the way, allowing it to freely sway. This can get very distracting if you are even a somewhat hard/fast typer (I am). That was the last straw - I disconnected it and went back to the laptop display.

Columbus, OH


Nice display


I got this a while ago and I has served its purpose very well. I put this in my room and use it all day long. Very clear display, although the viewing angle is quite limited. Samsung did not fail to deliver. This is an improvement over my previous Samsung monitor, which had slight yellow tint.  I really got what I paid and overall, this monitor is a good bang for the buck item. I was going to buy a bigger screen but after much deliberation, I decided to go with this 19 inch monitor. The size is just right. Not too big, not too small. The only thing I would change about this monitor is the buttons. Set up was a breeze. Just took it out of the box and plugged everything in. There are various settings that you can use for the optimal viewing experience.                                                                                                                                                  

Diamond Bar, CA


Great Monitor for the price.


I got this monitor as a gift for the holidays.  It replaced an old CRT monitor and made space on my desk that was much needed.  I am very pleased with the quality of the picture with my Analog connection.  It comes with an HDMI connection as well.  It is very easy to set up.  The included software comes with drivers as well as two programs designed to help you utilize the screen to its maximum functions.  One allows you to adjust the screen's colors and brightness and the other lets you use the screen with other screens on the same computer without having to reconfigure at the control panel.  The only drawback is that it does not come with speakers so there is no sound included.  This is a great entry level screen at a great price.  I am very happy.

Birmingham, MI


This Samsung moniter is awesome!


I bought this LCD TV approx. 1 month ago. It took less then 30 min. to hook & set it up. I love watching Blu-Ray movies they look incredible. I also play Xbox 360 on this Tv. I can see things now I couldn't on my old Tv. The picture is excellent and the colors are more realistic. I love the great contrast, I can actually see blacks and not dark gray. Some people say the sound quality is poor, but I think this TV's sound is good. This is in my opinion the best LCD TV. I got a great TV at a excellent price, buy this TV and see for yourself. I've reccommend this TV to my Friends and Family. Bought this TV to complement the 40" version of the same series. They are both awesome tv sets. The picture quality is amazing. I can't understand how Samsung discontinues their best LCD series (750). I guess it is to concentrate on the LED line, but those reviews aren't as good.While you can still get the 750 series Samsungs, get them. I have a 40 and now 46" and they are both great. Only thing I don't love is the @Internet feature widgets are a little slow. But that is not a picture quality issue. Best picture I have ever seen on a television. Living room for sports & movies Colors, clarity, no blurr with qiuck movement The picture looks great & it's alot of fun to listen to friends comment about it when they visit.  

Davis, CA


Easy on the eyes


I am on line all the time and this  **Samsung E1920X LCD Monitor is the best i have to say it is so clear the screen is just the right size it is not big and bulky and easy to clean i got this from my friend for a gift when my monitor went on the blink i have had no problem with this one when it comes to working great when you look for some thing that your going to use daily in a monitor this is the one to check out not that pricey and does not take up to much space on my desk and i use my pc all the time and i really need some thing that is going to work and this one is great i looked around for one before she got me this one and i did not see any that i really did like but i need to say i love this one and i do recommend this to all my pc users who are in the market of a high quality monitor and you need one that works good one that has a clear screen and easy to clean this is the one for you this is a must have for me **

Beverly, NJ


This is a great monitor, good picture, good refesh rate


I own a Samsung 19 in widescreen monitor that is hooked up to my desktop that i built from ground up. I've has this monitor for clost to three years now. Never had any problems with the picture quality or failing to refesh a picture in the amount of time shown on the specification sheet. I am a vivid gamer who plays everything from games on facebook to games such as Call Of Duty and Crisis which really tend to tax the refesh rates and the resolutions of the monitors due to the highly need graphics to make the games much more realistic as well as fun to play. It is an easy monitor to install. It is just a plug and play monitor not setup just plug in to the back of your tower and beging to enjoy the wonderful picture that the samsung monitors provide. I would definatly reccomend this monitor or any samsung monitor to any of my friends or relatives or ever people i dont know because these monitors are among the higgest in quality and very resonably priced for the quality in which you get with them.

Vermontville, NY


Samsung LCD Monitor

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