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Samsung - L200 Digital Camera

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Poorly made -- plastic gears to extend and retract lens


Within two months of owning this camera I had to send it for repairs due to plastic gears breaking in trying to retract the lens when you shut off the camera. It is hard to understand, the settings are confusing and it is difficult to operate and get good clear pictures Image Quality At 10.2 mp you'd think this camera would be outstanding in image quality -- NOT!! My little simple LG cell phone takes better pictures Performance Nothing makes any sense. The settings are so confusing and complicated. If I was a professional photographer so I understood all the F stops and the aperture settings and the ISO speed I certainly would be using a different camera. Simple camera is what I was asking for and not what I got Ease of Use I would expect this camera to be point and shoot. You can point and shoot but you will not be happy with the results. Besides. It takes FOREVER to get ready for a second picture. AWFUL! Durability Plastic gears in a part that moves every time you turn the camera on or shut it off?? really??? Battery Life Yes!! The battery life is acceptable -- great even! Portability Oh My!! YES! Stick this in my pocket -- very nicely packaged. Too bad it isn't a better camera

Wallowa, OR


Do not buy this cheap and low quality camera!


My husband and I bought the Samsung L200 because it was on a really great sale. I am not a tech savvy person and not even a little bit of a photography proffesional so I probably do not have the highest expectations. I would be lying if I told you to buy this camera. It is a piece of junk. It does terribly with any kind of lighting issue. If you are inside it either gets really really bright or without flash so dark that you cannot see the picture. The only setting that works for indoor pictures makes it almost impossible to get a picture that is not fuzzy! When you try to take outdoor pictues they get really bright and the people in the picture look like just a bright outline and the scenery in the background gets much clearer. I used this piece of junk to take pictures at my son and husband's birthday parties and they pictures got so horrible that I could hardly find any that were worth keeping. Do not buy this camera!

Richfield, PA


The samsung L200 is an absolute beauty.


I love my samsung L200. It's a beautiful camera and works wonderfully. Although if your really into taking videos the sound quality is not the best. However it has a great zoom  and is wonderful for taking pictures and for videos that don't require sound. It has wonderful feautures such as autoflash ,portrait mode, a photo help guide, a mode that minimizes camera shake, you can shoot it in different colors including black and white, you can change the photo size, etc. Altogether it's an amazing camera and I a great choice for those who love to take pictures or have kids to take pictures of. I can't tell you how many times (before i got my beautiful samsung) that there was a moment that i wanted so badly to capture and I beat myself up over not being able to, but now i get great pictures constantly and am constantly having to upload or develope them. Overall great for taking pictures especially of people.

Everett, WA


Samsung - L200 Digital Camera

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