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Samsung - Knack SCH- Cell Phone

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This Samsung phone is not worth the time or money!


Unfortunately, I am on my second model in only about 6 weeks.  I was given this phone through work, and it can be best described as very "minimalist" in terms of features.  It has a contact list with about 200 name cability.  It has 8 preloaded background pictures choices, of which 4 are golf-related for some reason.  There's only one choice really tailored to a female.  It has about 20 "choices" for ring-tones, and I actually do my choice, because its the old school ring that sounds like its coming from a rotary dial phone.  Other than that, it has no features to distinguish it.  No camera, no games, no internet, etc.  The volume controls are also very weak.  Several other people here at work that have gotten the phone have commented that its extremely difficult to hear the other person on the phone.  My first model worked great for about 2 weeks, and then started locking up on me to where I couldn't get it to reset.  I would have to take out the battery to get it to reset.  It was replaced with another, and so far so good.  I've also had people tell me that it shuts off randomly. It must have been the freebie that came with the service or the corporate contract, but I would pay out of pocket to get one that was more reliable. 

Flagler Beach, FL


Samsung - Knack SCH- Cell Phone

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