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Samsung Intercept Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile)

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This is a great phone.


I love this phone! It has so many great features available and is very simple to use. Performance Occasionally screen freezes up, but other than that has great performance. Voice Quality Whether your speaking into the handset, speaker phone or listening to music the sound is very clear. Battery Life Has great battery life while using wifi and other power consuming apps that usually drain battery power. Charging time is not bad either, I've had other phones that required much more time to charge. Durability Very durable! I am pretty hard on phones and this phone has outlasted all my other ones. Its been dropped in water, on the ground, played with by my children, and put through some pretty rough situations and is still in pretty good shape. The screen is very hard to scratch unlike most, therefore keeping your display easy to read. Ease of Use Easy to use and set up. Simple instructions so doesn't require much technical assistance. Design Love the sleek design and ease of access to its features.





I don't know if it's the fault of the phone, or the fault of Virgin Mobile, but I HATE this phone. First of all, it freezes all the time and will even reset at random. Don't buy this phone if you want any apps, because 90% of the time, they won't work anyway. You'll have to "force close" them. The Facebook app works decently as long as you keep it at the factory-set version. As soon as you try to update it to the newest version, you've caused your phone more trouble than it's worth. For a smart phone, it's not very smart. I think part of the problem seems to be that Virgin Mobile sells a poorer quality of the product. Performance There are no words to describe how stupid this phone is. I have thrown and slammed this phone more times than I have actually been happy using it. Voice Quality I never really noticed a problem with voice quality. That was when I could get the phone to make/receive a call anyway. Battery Life The battery life was okay. After a few months of using it, however, I would have it fully charged and within two hours it would almost be dead - and I wouldn't even be using it. When I would reset back to factory settings, though, the battery would last for days. Durability It's definitely got some dings and scratches, but it's still in one piece. Ease of Use It's just frustrating to use. Freezing, resetting on its own, forcing out of apps, being overly unreliable. Design It's a basic smartphone design. Sliding keyboard. Camera.



decent for the price


I like the slider aspect and luv the AOS. I have had problems with the screen freezing, the phone shutting off by itself and the 3G network goes in and out no matter where I am. Virgin Mobile has been very helpful and accomodating. Performance Phone is usually working great Voice Quality Good service Battery Life With any aos the battery life is shorter but I have an app to help with that Durability The screen is hard to damage Ease of Use Very easy to use once I learned how to use an aos Design Luv the slider and touch screen combo

Richland, MI


Samsung Intercept Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile)

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